Makita Impact Driver Buying Guide

Planning to do some DIY over the coming weeks? If so, an impact driver has a lot of rotational power and is considered as the best screwing tool on the market. The good thing is that the tools utilize rotational hammering force to drive screws and this prevents screw heads from damage. In addition, impact drivers can be used for drilling holes on different materials. The tools have twice the torque of cordless drills. And unlike in a drill, you will need to have dedicated impact driver bits. These are compatible with hex head driver bits and are going to help you in driving screws on wood and other materials. 

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If you are looking for the best impact driver for the job, you should proceed on to look at Makita impact driver buying guide. With their compact design and high amount of torque, impact driver has become a very important part of power tools. This makes them ideal for a wide range of home and professional applications. In addition to deck laying and furniture building, impact drivers can be used in projects that involve fencing, shelving and flooring. You can learn more about specific models here:

Below, we will look at the factors to consider when buying Makita impact drivers. This includes:


One of the features that you need to consider when buying Makita impact driver is its usability. You can decide on this based on the types of jobs that you want to complete. You should determine the amount of torque that you will require from the tool as some tasks require more torque than other tasks. Impact drivers with higher amount of torque have stronger rotational power. 


The battery capacity is the other thing that you need when it comes to the choice of Makita impact driver. This is because the manufacturer has many models that are fitted with different battery capacities. If you have experience with these tools, you will find that Makita comes with 18v DTD range. Most Makita impact drivers are fitted with batteries that range from 14v, 18v and 20v. 


If you want a portable Makita impact driver, you need to choose a model with low weight. The lower weight will allow you to work with the tool for many hours without developing fatigue. The low weight will also enable you to carry the device to different project locations with ease. 

Makita impact driver
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LED Light

If you will be working in tight places, you need to go for Makita impact driver with LED light for illumination. This helps you when working in dark corners. 

Variable and reverse capabilities

Makita impact driver comes with a variable speed to handle both soft and hardwoods. In addition, it should have a reverse function for unscrewing purposes. 

Brushless motors

As you look for Makita impact driver, you need to consider the one with a brushless motor. Brushless motors reduce energy consumption while at the same time increasing durability. 


Makita is a reputed power tool manufacturer in the world. Their impact drivers are of high quality and durability. 

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