A Little Laundry Storage Challenge


I was recently set a great challenge by Space Station to do with storage for the home.

With a budget of £50 I was tasked with tackling a particular storage problem in my home, the more creative and attractive the solution, the better.  Well, I have lots of clutter ‘hotspots’ in the home and areas I would love to see better organised.

Sometimes the problem is not being able to work out a proper solution.  One such spot in our home that has bugged me for a while now is our small downstairs loo and laundry spot.

It is pretty compact so doesn’t give a lot of options.  Seeing dreamy pictures like these on Pinterest makes me envious!

laundry space inspiration

Our reality was somewhat different!


Hmm, not a great look, is it?  Fair enough if this was just a corner of the garage, but our little loo is accessed directly off the hallway, so I would be a bit embarrassed for anyone to use the convenience with it looking like this!

So I knew this would be a great space to sort out and that it should be do-able with £50.

First off, I hated seeing a big box of soap powder and gaudy plastic bottles of fabric softener about the place.


So much nicer to decant them into attractive storage containers, don’t you think?


I found the lovely 1L bottle with a chalkboard label through Not On The High Street, it’s from a company called Becky Broom and cost £7.50.

The laundry powder tin is from Matalan and cost a very reasonable £8 – I love the fact it has a little scoop on the side and it just slides into the space we have at the side of the tumble dryer.

laundry powder tin

laundry area

The other problem is finding somewhere for all those bits and bobs – odd socks, dryer sheets and dryer balls etc.  This gorgeous striped cotton basket is from Idyll Home (again spotted via Not On The High Street) and cost £10.95.  I loved that it has a handy loop for hanging on the wall.

striped basket

hanging basket

hanging basket2

Laundry of course is a major headache, I’ve tried all sorts of laundry containers, so this new one I bought (also from Idyll home, priced £15.50) at least matches the small basket for a more co-ordinated look and folds down flat when not in use (which to be fair won’t be very often in a house with 3 children!)

striped laundry basket

I dug out the tin laundry sign which I’d bought about a year ago and never put up and pinned it over our ironing board for a cute touch.

laundry sign

The windowsill was stacked full of various bottles so an unused Ikea woven storage basket I had upstairs did the trick of tidying those up.  Everything came in at £47.45 including delivery.

downstairs loo

Little changes, but I think it has definitely improved the look and functionality of our space, do you agree?  Is there anything else you think I could have done?

Thank you to Space Station for the opportunity to fix this particular storage problem!

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