Most Imaginative Ways to Use Tiles in the Home

If you feel your home needs a fresh design feature, or you are a keen home improvement enthusiast seeking a challenge to take on, why not consider introducing some beautiful tiles in an unexpected, unconventional way?  Whether you prefer an earthy, natural tile like terracotta or a shimmery luxe mosaic-type, the choice of colours, style and designs is virtually limitless, as is where you can place them.  They don’t have to be used just in the bathroom or kitchen.  I absolutely adore the way tiles have been used in the living and dining area below, cleverly combined with wood to make such a stunning feature of the floor.  They are perfect for this area too as they are so durable and easy to keep clean:

tile and wood 2

Because the UK is a cool climate, we don’t tend to embrace tiled floors as much as, say, the hotter Mediterranean countries do, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the joy of colourful, stylish tiles – we can use them instead in smaller focal areas such as on the risers of our stairs, inside a fireplace or as a tiled hearth.

yellow fireplace

You can understand why tiles are popular in kitchens, due to their hardwearing, practical nature and ‘easy clean’ properties.  A favourite option is to have a tiled splashback in a kitchen, but don’t necessarily choose a straightforward plain tile, think about something that will make a statement – not to mention you smile – at the same time.  I think the intricate design and colours of these tiles set off the plain wooden cupboards beautifully…

patterned tile splashback

And this is another great kitchen where tile colour and design are used to stunning effect:

tile floor and wall

Even adding a simple contrasting stripe can make a really appealing effect:

Tile Flair

In the bathroom, with all that water, steam, heat and necessity to clean, tiles make perfect sense.  But once again, don’t just play it safe.  Be imaginative and bold…

tile shower

tile splashback2

tile subway

Lots of us would like to have a go at a tiling project but feel a little daunted.  But there are plenty of handy tools and tips you can find to make the job easier, for example making sure tiles are clean and dry when you place them and waiting 24 hours for the adhesive to dry before grouting your tiles.  Personally, I think the best way to learn how to tile is to watch a tutorial and Tile Flair have some really helpful videos and advice on their site, alongside a fantastically wide range of tile styles, sizes, colours and designs.

For more tile inspiration, make sure you head over to my ‘Oh Tiles’ Pinterest Board:

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I have to admit, although I’ve watched my dad tackle some tiling projects in the past, I’ve never attempted it myself.  But I do feel inspired by all the great ideas I’ve seen lately, so it may be something I will try in a small area of our home.  How about you?

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