Essentials needed for a garden office

Garden office

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, it can be a place that provides natural beauty and peacefulness.  These reasons make placing an office within the garden space a lovely idea.  It gives a separate working space outside of the home, yet close enough for convenience and maintaining a balance with family life.

Of course the very first thing needed is a garden shed placed somewhere within the garden perimeter. Make sure the shed is no more than 4 metres tall, is at least 2 metres from the property and only takes up half the garden area or less.  The garden shed should be large enough to create a comfortable working space.

Essentials Needed for a Garden Office

Once the garden shed is set in the best spot with the proper requirements, filling it with all the essentials needed for a productive garden office can happen.  Those essentials will be internet access, electricity for heat and cooling units as well as lights and for powering your computer, telephone and radio. Other essentials are of course an office desk, comfortable office chair with extra seating for business meetings or chatting with clients, a filing cabinet to help organise and keep track of important documents, plus space and storage for your writing materials and desk accessories.  It is also wise to consider installing a noticeboard on one wall of the office to keep track of important notes or numbers.  Having a calendar or wallplanner will enable you to plan your workload and keep track of important dates.

Outside the garden office, a bench or some other outdoor seating is nice for relaxing when you need a break.  Adding pots of flowers around the garden office can help enhance the beauty of the garden and the outdoor office space.  Adding bird feeders, birdbaths and butterfly houses are neat features to add around the outside of the garden office too.  These types of things help an individual’s mind connect with nature, which is healing and provides inspiration and motivation.

Other things to consider for the garden office would be a small refrigerator to provide easy access for chilled drinks, a microwave for cooking small meals and possibly even a sink area with countertop to store you tea, coffee and sugar.  Having drinks, snacks and meals right in the office prevents the need from having to go into the house and interrupting a person’s workflow.  If you are considering installing a wooden garden shed in your outdoor space, you can count on the expertise of York Timber Products.

Other Considerations

Garden office spaces should be creative and filled with lots of inspiration and beauty.  Organised properly, with a designated home for everything, such as magazine files, drawers for materials etc will ensure you keep your work environment neat and tidy and as inspiring as can be, which can even result in an increased output and quality of work.  Placing inspirational quotes on the walls of the garden office along with photos can help provide focus for your endeavours.  A calm, organised environment with good, natural lighting and a pleasant view of the garden can really lift your mood and make working from your garden office a real pleasure!

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