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Spring has finally arrived after what seemed like a forever winter and I couldn’t be happier!  Although I’ll never stop wanting to do projects inside the home, I’ve got an eye on several things to tackle outdoors, too, including a general tidy-up front and back and we also want to create a garden path from the house to the shed.

Straightforward enough projects, but sometimes you might fancy taking on a project that’s a bit more challenging.  Especially if you know you can save money by not needing to hire someone to do it for you!

BSW Timber have recently developed a series of ‘how-to’ videos which I’m delighted to be hosting on the blog over the next few weeks.  The videos are short step-by-step guides for home owners on how to install fence posts, make a raised bed for the garden and create a beautiful decking area in time for the summer sun.  BSW’s award-winning easi timber is used to illustrate the process from start to finish.

Eve Johnson, Group Marketing Manager at BSW Timber, explains the thinking behind the helpful videos: “Embarking on garden projects can be a daunting prospect.  We know that our easi range can be used to transform outdoor spaces but often budding DIY-ers think ‘I could never do that…’.  For that reason, we wanted to create these videos to show how ‘easi’ it is when you know how and give people the confidence to use timber to makeover their gardens.

 So I’m pleased to share the first of the handy guides, which deals with fence post installation.  It really doesn’t look impossible, even if you are a novice, so why not take a look at the easi fence step by step guide:

 Thanks for the virtual helping hand, BSW Timber – it’s easi when you know how…!  I’m looking forward to sharing the next video soon.
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