My 2020 Bedroom Interior Trend Predictions

If this is the year you plan to do some updates to your bedroom decor, today I’m sharing some trend predictions for bedroom interiors in 2020. We’ll talk colours, styles and simple quick changes to bring your decor right up to date:

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The evolution of grey

Rooms in wall to wall grey were fashionable, but are looking a little dated now. Grey still has its place though and is a versatile base colour for your room, so don’t think you have to change it all. If you invested in grey sofas, carpets or stylish grey fabric beds, they were and still are a great choice. But rather than layering grey on more grey, which can feel cold – especially in a bedroom – it’s time to warm things up with neutrals or even bolder colours for a contrast. Grey is so adapatable, it looks gorgeous with dusty pinks and touches of gold. It also works with navy, ochre, mint or sage greens and burnt orange and plum. But for a thoroughly modern look, why not pair it with Dulux’s colour of the year for 2020 – Tranquil Dawn – which is a really lovely, delicate and natural pale green, described as “a colour inspired by the morning sky, to help give homes the human touch”.

decorating trends 2020
Dulux Tranquil Dawn

Bohemian sanctuary

The boho trend is one that will continue in 2020, it’s not going anywhere. If you fancy giving this look a try in your bedroom it is relatively easy to create in next to no time. One of the key elements you need to include are rattan, so maybe bring in some rattan furniture – and did you know you can buy it on a roll? I am thinking about adding rattan panels to the fronts of my wardrobes. A bamboo light shade, bed throw/cushions with pom poms, the quintessential ethnic rug and lots of plants is really all you need to create a peaceful, hippyish sanctuary. Oh and don’t forget the pampas grass – this has really taken off in home interiors, so pop some feathery fronds in a vase for the ultimate finishing touch.

Photo by Katsia Jazwinska on Unsplash

Terracotta, texture & curves

There is going to be a huge trend for shades of terracotta, brick, rose and tan. Think about changing your wall colour, bedding, throws and decorative pillows to these earthy tones – they will soften any hard edges, giving your room an organic feeling of warmth.

You will also start to notice a lot of archways in interior design and curved furniture including rounded sofas, cocktail chairs and headboards like this Livingstone grey fabric bed set from coming through this year. Texture on walls is a big look, with wall panelling and reeding. These stunning walls look impressive but aren’t as difficult to recreate in your home as you may imagine. Find one of the many tutorials on Pinterest if you fancy giving some ‘batten & board’ a go – its amazing what you can do with MDF and lengths of beading from the DIY store. You can even buy wallpaper with these 3D wall effects printed on them for ultra convenience – get the look without any carpentry skills!

Contemporary grey fabric bed
Malibu Light Grey Fabric Bed

Eco chic style

A key word for 2020 is sustainability. Being more conscious about the environment, shopping sustainably and minimising waste is a positive trend. Consumers want to know that the wood in their furniture is sourced responsibly and are prepared to spend a little more on good quality items such as bed linens that are produced ethically and designed to last. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can certainly update your bedroom creatively, reusing and upcycling old furniture. Why not see what you can do with some thrifted bedside tables – maybe a lick of paint or using wallpaper on the drawer fronts to get a quirky look?  ‘Granny chic’ is gaining popularity for those who like an individual and eclectic look. It’s as simple as adding some retro elements, such as a crocheted blanket, maybe some 70s inspired wallpaper or framed prints, floral curtains, books and plants on a shelf above the headboard and a mid-century dressing table. There’s a lot of scope to bring pre-loved items together and if you combine them thoughtfully, you’ll create an on trend bedroom with a nostalgic and homely feel.

Photo by Lauren Haden on Unsplash

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