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Layering with light

When it comes to lighting the home, there is more to lighting design than just a grid of downlights. To give your rooms the five star treatment, it’s important to think about lighting in a series of layers: general light, ambient light and accent light. LED Downlights or a pendant can offer general lighting, with directional fittings allowing you to focus the light on artwork, window treatments, shelving and tall cupboards. A separate circuit of downlights can be used to draw attention to interesting items such the coffee table, a sculpture, or a vase of flowers on the kitchen table; finally wall lights and table lamps provide warm, ambient light. A further layer of uplighting seals the deal by accenting fireplace jambs, window reveals and architraves.

Layered Lighting

By using several layers of dimmable lights on separate circuits, it becomes possible to create different moods that suit any occasion, whilst at the same time really showcasing your carefully curated interior. There are many control options available too: with simple dimmer switches and one room or whole house scene setting there is something to suit every budget. Think about whether you want remote access to turn things on and off from an app on your phone, or if you need to incorporate other services such as audio-visual or security – there are many ways you can make your home do more for you.

John Cullen Lighting

John Cullen Lighting

And improving your lighting doesn’t have to involve massive renovations: you can add interesting effects with very little effort (and expense!). Try buying a couple of plug in uplighters and positioning them on the fireplace, behind sculptures or in front of window shutters. Add table and floor lamps or change the shades on your existing lamps to linen ones without card in them so that the light diffuses through for a warm glow. If you don’t yet have a dimmer switch, ask an electrician to fit one for you so you can adjust the brightness for a softer, more relaxing light in the evenings.

Layered Lighting examples

Lighting is one change you can make without spending days pouring over colour charts or fabric swatches!

Post written by Rebecca Hutchison, Senior Designer (John Cullen Lighting

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