Denby pottery grey

Natural Charcoal Collection by Denby Pottery

Post updated 12th March 2019

Although Denby ventured to the dark side with its release of the stunning Natural Charcoal collection last year, it appears to have been a limited run and is not available online now. However you can still find the equally stunning version, Natural Canvas here (some items are featured in the post below and you can see more pieces in an earlier post I created about this lovely light-coloured range here). There is also a newer Natural Denim collection in a beautiful pale blue glaze.

Denby Natural Charcoal

Interior-design lovers, especially those who frequent Instagram, will know there is a huge trend for dark home interiors, so Denby’s gorgeous new tableware is ideal for complementing this moody and sultry decorating style.

Denby pottery grey

Natural Charcoal Collection

If the design looks a little familiar, you may have seen the already hugely popular Natural Canvas collection, which is a milky white version of the pottery – and one that I have featured previously.

I love the little chevron detail which adds a contemporary touch to the 1960s inspired stoneware.  When Natural Charcoal and Natural Canvas are mixed together, they make a great monochrome style statement.

It’s good to know that Natural Charcoal pieces can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer. The glaze is far from glossy – and I love that about it.  The satiny finish is tactile and, holding one of the mugs in your hand, you really feel a connection to the Denby heritage, which spans 200 years of expert hand-crafting in Derbyshire.

Many people consider Denby pottery an investment, quite rightly, because of its timeless quality and renowned durability; I also think the particular beauty of this understated collection is that you can introduce it to your tableware gradually over time and it will compliment any existing crockery.

You can discover all of the current Denby ranges here.

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