The top things to consider when fixing your new home

Fun though it can be to seal the deal on a home purchase, you might be aware of some problems with the residence. You might have known about those issues right from the start of the home-buying negotiations, aware that the shortcomings actually made the new home affordable for you.

You might even have a lot of fun in repairing that house and, in the process, making it more “you”. Here are some things that you should especially strongly consider as you arrange repairs.

Start with a full structural survey

After getting an offer accepted for that home, you ought to arrange for a complete structural survey of that property, says BT. This survey could unearth various other problems that warrant your attention; rewiring, repairing the roof and rectifying damp can be particularly necessary for old houses.

It’s wise to arrange such a survey because you can more effectively address problems if you know not only the actual problems but also what is causing them.

Repair or replace? How to decide

If the home is a period one, you might regularly notice original period features that show signs of wear and tear. Restoring those features – like tiled floors, sash windows, wooden doors and fireplaces – to their previous condition can be very enjoyable.

However, repairing a particular feature – period or otherwise – might not always be the most cost-effective course of action. Should your home be in a conservation area, planning permission might be necessary before you can alter interior doors or windows.

If original windows are looking worse for wear, Natasha Brinsmead of Homebuilding & Renovating is adamant that it should be a last resort to replace rather than repair them. She explains: “Even if there is extensive damage, such as wet or dry rot, they can always be repaired – conservationists advise that, providing there is at least 50% of the original remaining, a window should be repaired.”

Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle to arrange such repair. If you live in Hampshire or West Sussex, you could consider proactive and reactive repair services from the Fareham-based company Ideal Window Solutions. The firm can repair all modern uPVC and aluminium window and door systems – and also, if necessary, provide fresh installations of ideal windows and doors.

Should you insulate your roof?

Naturally, you should heed residential heating requirements put forward in the UK Building Regulations. However, if you make sure that your own home’s insulation actually beats these Regulations, the returns will be considerable. While various parts of your home – including walls and floors – could be given fresh installation, you might find it especially easy to implement new insulation for your loft.

The majority of DIYers can install loft insulation, says Homebuilding & Renovating. Not least because heat can more easily escape via a roof, carrying out this work can significantly trim your spending on energy – though to what extent will be affected by the roof’s size and what form of insulation, if any, you are replacing.

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