New Year, New Home: Tips To Improve Your Home This January

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It’s that time of year when people are at their most introspective, as they reflect on the year passed and look to maintain their New Years’ resolutions. While these resolutions are unique to each individual, there tends to be a number of generic themes that influence the outlook of citizens and home-owners nationwide.  So, if you have embraced the ‘New Year, new you’ concept for 2016, the chances are that you are focused on saving money, losing weight, advancing your career or refurbishing your home this January.

If you are focused on the latter, you will need to factor in various considerations such as your budget and the prevailing weather conditions. Industry experts recommend the following ideas to improve your home: –

Install Sash windows in your home

Given the harsh winds and cold weather that has gripped the UK in recent times; it may be a good idea to install sash windows in your home. When you choose to partner with a reputable supplier such as Mighton Products, these fittings virtually eliminate draughts and deliver outstanding fuel efficiency performance. Additionally, they also reduce your home’s carbon footprint and the level of harmful emissions released into the air, research has also shown that they reduce this by up to 50% in some instances. They are also available in a range of stylish designs, so may well be worth an investment in 2016.

Decorate your home with Warm Colours

The psychology of colour is fascinating, with various tones and shades capable of soliciting specific moods and outlooks. You can use this to your advantage during the winter, as you redecorate your property with bright, bold and warm colours that create a more tropical feel within your home. Warm colours create a more inviting and welcoming space, while they can also foster an increased sense of optimism and positivity among both guests and residents alike.

Secure your home with functional Alarms and smart technology

If you are going to invest in the refurbishment of your home in 2016, you should also consider reinforcing security this winter. There are statistics which suggest that the rate of burglaries in the UK rises by as much as 20% during the winter months, so you should take steps to reinforce all external doors and windows at your property. You should also ensure that all alarms are functional, while it may even be worth integrating smart technology and unique home cameras into your interior to create an even greater peace of mind.

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