7 Home Decorating Tips To Create A Welcoming House

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Changing how your house looks doesn’t always mean you need to do some costly renovations. Instead, it can often just entail doing a bit of redecorating. As simple as that sounds, there’s still a lot involved, and you’ll need to put some work in.

That could be overwhelming for quite a few people. Where do you even start, and what should you do? You’ll have to go beyond simply moving some furniture around. You might have to throw a few things out and replace them.

As tricky and tiresome as that might seem, it’s far from as complicated as you could think it’ll be. By taking advantage of a few home decorating tips, you can make things much easier for yourself. Seven of these stand out.

They’ll not only make redecorating your home easier, but your house will end up looking much nicer than you thought it would. There’s no reason not to knuckle down and take advantage of them.

Home Decorating Tips: 7 Top Options

1. Set The Tone At The Door

When most people think of home decorating tips, they’ll focus primarily on the inside of the house. It’s far from the only area you’ll need to consider. You should also keep the front door in mind, as this helps create a positive first impression for guests. It also sets the tone for once you’re inside the house.

Aim to make this as welcoming as possible. It’ll subconsciously make you feel more positive when you’re walking through the entranceway. You can do this in a few ways, with a welcoming and appealing door colour being one of the more notable.

Don’t forget about accessorising around the door when you’re doing this. A few potted plants and some light fixtures can be more than enough to achieve this.

2. Make Furniture Communicate

You’ll need to do more than buy new furniture to make your home look nicer. You should make sure the furniture communicates with the other pieces in the room. Whether you’re looking for a rustic dining table or a leather couch, you should put effort into figuring out how it’ll work with the rest of the room.

Keep what you already have in a room in mind before you get anything new. Focusing on whether these will contrast well with each other is essential to tying the room together and making it look great.

Even having a specific theme in mind with this can help, with even a limited colour scheme being recommended. They’ll help you narrow down which furniture you should buy. With some strategic placement, you’ll have a room you can be proud of in no time.

3. Have A Mirror In Each Room

Mirrors can make a large difference in how your home looks and feels, especially if you have smaller rooms. It’s worth having at least one of these in every room, as it makes the room appear larger than it actually is. To properly achieve this, make sure the mirror is relatively large.

When coupled with the right placement, it’ll make the room appear much bigger than it actually is. At the same time, they help to bounce light around the room, making it appear airier than it is. That adds to the perceived space, subconsciously encouraging you to think everything’s a bit bigger.

Spend some time putting the mirrors in different parts of the room to get the effect just right. It shouldn’t take you longer than an afternoon to find the perfect place for each of your mirrors.

4. Layer Lighting

Your rooms should have enough light, which should be obvious to everyone. What isn’t obvious is you’ll need to have four types of lighting in a room, namely:

  • Ambient
  • Task
  • Accent
  • Decorative

Each of these provide a specific use and help the room become more functional and appealing. By nailing the three of these types of lighting, and properly layering them, you’ll make a room appear more attractive in no time.

While you might need to get some electrical work done to achieve this, it’ll be quite easy.

5. Use Tricks To Raise The Ceiling

It’s not uncommon to have a relatively low ceiling, which could end up making you feel a bit claustrophobic. You don’t need to settle for this, however, and you definitely don’t need to spend thousands raising your ceiling. A few simple tricks can make the ceiling appear higher than it is.

Even something as simple as hanging your curtains higher than the windows could be enough to trick your brain into thinking this. Make sure these are longer than standard options to properly achieve this.

Using vertical stripes also helps with this, so it’s worth picking up some patterned curtains when you’re doing this.

6. Keep Walls Light & Neutral

The walls naturally make a significant impact on how your home looks. They’ll be some of the largest surface areas in every room, making them worth paying attention to. Giving them a repaint can be one of the most effective home decorating tips to use.

Go about this the smart way by making sure you choose the right colours. While the specific ones you use are up to you, you should aim to keep these light and neutral. Greys, shades of white, and similar colours are some of the more notable here. They help with a room’s flow.

Coupled with that is how these colours interact with your furniture. By choosing neutral colours, you can have furniture of almost any style and look that works well with the walls. It’ll let your furniture communicate more effectively while everything looks and feels more appealing.

It gives you more flexibility with your decorating, and you could even switch up your furniture without needing to change the walls’ colour schemes.

7. Let The Sun In

Nobody wants their homes to be dark and depressing, which is why layering the lights mentioned above is recommended. It’s far from the only approach you can take, however. You should also consider letting the sun in as much as possible.

You don’t need to make holes in the wall and install new windows just for this. Instead, you should consider working with what you already have. Think of where your windows already are, and figure out how you can maximise the amount of sun they let in.

Getting rid of heavy drapes is recommended, as they’ll prevent the sun coming in, with this even having an impact when they’re open. You don’t need to go completely without any shades, however.

Pick something light to give yourself some privacy while letting as much sun in as possible. Your home will feel lighter and airier because of it, making the rest of the redecorating look even nicer.

Home Decorating Tips: Wrapping Up

Redecorating your home can seem like an overwhelming process, especially if you’re doing a complete rehaul. The larger your house is, the more overwhelming it could seem. The sheer work involved could be enough to put you off doing it, despite how bored you might be with how everything currently looks.

You don’t need to choose between doing nothing and going through a complicated process, however. With a few home decorating tips, you can make things much easier for yourself. They’ll also make your house look more attractive than you thought possible, all without you needing to put a lot of work into it.

Letting the sun in, getting furniture to communicate, layering lighting, and using certain tricks can all be helpful with this. You’ll have a nicer and more stylish home without breaking your back redecorating.

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