Personal Trainer Checklist: 3 Keys For Success

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People today are taking greater care of their personal health and fitness than ever before. Gyms have never been so busy, and the demand for personal trainers is at an all-time high.

If you have decided to become a personal trainer, you’ve made a fantastic choice. It’s an incredibly rewarding career that gives you the chance to help others while also maintaining your own fitness at the same time. However, you shouldn’t approach your new career without a plan. We’ve put together a checklist with the key things you need to succeed as a personal trainer. Check it out below.

Get Qualified

As a personal trainer, you will be guiding and advising people as they take charge of their fitness, and you’ll be the person they go to for expert advice on how best to achieve their goals.

You may be instructing them through exercise routines or teaching them how to use complicated training equipment. It’s a big responsibility, and there is the potential for injury if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In the UK, personal trainers must hold a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification before they can take on clients. Before you can kick-start your career, it’s essential that you obtain this qualification. Study Active have specialist courses for personal trainers, including the Level 3 qualification, perfect for getting your new career off the ground.

Market Your Business

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Once you have all the necessary qualifications, you can launch your personal trainer business. However, to make any money you’re going to need clients, and attracting these customers can be another job in itself.
Marketing and advertising are key here, you need to get the word out and raise awareness of your business. Competition is fierce, you need to convince potential clients that you have what it takes to help them achieve their goals to stop them turning to one of your rivals.

Social media is the most powerful and effective tool for marketing. With billions of users across the world, social media can give you access to an enormous pool of potential clients. Use all the main social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, to post about your business and bring in clients. Use photos of your gym and talk about your training philosophy to convince clients to choose you as their personal trainer.

Choose A Specialty

As a personal trainer, you can work with a broad group of clients and work on general fitness, or you can go down a more specialised route. Specialised personal trainers can work with specific groups and demographics.
For example, you could work with mobility impaired people such as the elderly or people with certain medical conditions. This is an incredibly fulfilling role that will see you help these people maintain their health and strength.

Another option would be to work with professional athletes. Today’s sportspeople follow rigid training and diet regimes, adhering to the latest sport science principles. Working with professional athletes means you need to be a true expert in your field with knowledge of the most cutting-edge techniques and practices. However, the rewards can be significant, as these roles are often very highly paid.


If you’ve decided to become a personal trainer, you have chosen a wonderful career that will offer you so many incredible opportunities. However, if you want to see true success, you need to approach your new career with the right attitude and with a proper plan in place. First, you’re going to need the necessary qualifications. You’ll need to market your business to attract clients, and choosing to specialise in a particular field can offer big financial returns.

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