Top 5 Health Benefits of Steam Rooms

If you are in need of rest or relaxation, you might think about visiting a local bar or going for a massage, but have you ever considered steam rooms? A steam room is a special facility (usually a single room that has benches and sitting spaces) with high temperatures and humidity. Visitors will usually spend one or more hours basking in the heat and socialising in the process. This may sound just like a sauna to you, but while saunas run at very high temperatures and the heat is dry, steam rooms have slightly lower temperatures and high humidity. Whether you are thinking of getting your very own home spa or are simply interested in using a steam room, there are various health benefits to be had:

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Strengthening of the heart

Keeping your heart strong and healthy is of vital importance if you want to lead a long and healthy life, and you can only get the most out of sports and intense physical activities if your heart is up to the task. One of the health benefits of steam rooms is increased blood circulation. Regular visits to a steam room should improve circulation throughout your limbs and body, making it easier for the heart to do its job. Additionally, there is a special hormone called aldosterone released during a typical steam room session, which contributes to lower blood pressure.

Aiding in workout recovery

After an intense workout session, our muscles are usually tense and sore. This is only natural when they have been put under strain, and it can feel uncomfortable. The typical solution might be to just try and sleep it off, but you can also do what the greatest athletes in the world do to treat any pain. Studies have shown that visiting the steam room after a workout can loosen up rigid muscle and alleviate the soreness. This is a unique effect of the moist heat of steam rooms, which penetrates deep into muscle tissue and nerve endings.

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 Reduces stress

This is perhaps the best-known health benefit of saunas and steam rooms. People visit these places to relax, but not just because they like the interior design. When you are in the middle of the steam room heat, your body releases endorphins and can decrease the production of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, thus making you feel more relaxed.


Sweating is an integral part of the steam room experience, and the effect it has on skin is quite significant. Even staying 10-20 minutes in a steam room can open up most of your skin pores, allowing them to breathe and for any dirt and clogging to be washed away by sweat. In the end, your skin should also look rejuvenated from this “facelift”.

Immune System

While it can’t be said that visiting a steam room will supercharge your immune system, it can certainly give it a small boost. When the body is exposed to the steam and humid heat, there is a stimulation of infection-fighting cells in your body, making it easier for the immune system to deal with new and minor infections.

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