Pet safety tips to remember this season

We’re just a few days away from the start of autumn, so it’s important to enjoy the late summer while we can! And that includes bonding with our pets while there’s still a chance to get outside and play.

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All summer, Petplan, the pet insurance specialists, have been busy sharing awareness around the importance of pet safety this season. In fact they launched a really helpful and handy online pet summer safety hub, which is a great resource for anyone wanting guidance around things like when pavements are too hot for little paw pads or which BBQ foods are to be avoided being given as a treat.

Petplan asked me to share how we might enjoy some ‘pawfect’ time with our pet, Jesse the cat, on a typical summer’s day. Obviously, my sons would love it if he was a more adventurous moggie, a bit like the fantastic Nala who we love to follow on Instagram daily.

But truth be told, our Jesse is more of a ‘staycation’ kind of cat. So we thought we’d bring a little holiday vibe to our garden deck to let him enjoy the sunshine without the stress of travel! We styled up a little boho patio (or should that be ‘catio’) for him to catch a few rays while enjoying some alfresco snacks, plus his favourite toys, rugs and blankets to lounge on of course.

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Although like most cats, he loves a bit of sunbathing, it’s important to provide some shelter when the sun is fierce. He likes to laze under a chair or the parasol. Older cats and those with white ears can be a bit more vulnerable to the sun and those pale ear tips may need a little suncream dabbing on!

When it has been very hot, I’ve been known to chuck Jesse a couple of ice cubes to play with. He seems fascinated by ice and paws at it curiously – I haven’t seen him lick it yet, but you never know if he gets thirsty enough! What I hadn’t thought of doing was this tip from the Petplan hub, to freeze a little treat or piece of meat inside the ice cubes, giving him something to work towards.

Although we own a cat (or he owns us) lots of my friends have dogs and I think it must be great going for long walks together in the countryside or popping out to the park; it’s quite sociable as they meet up with other dogs and their owners for chats! If you’re a dog owner yourself, looking dog insurance, Petplan has you covered. Because of course there are always potential illnesses or unexpected things that can crop up with your pet. Even just a stroll down a country lane can have its own hazards to be mindful of, from meeting other dogs who may behave aggressively towards yours, or picking up ticks in the grass. Being able to spot and prevent the signs of heatstroke is really important, too.

Even in late summer, keeping hydrated can be an issue for pets. Cats can be notorious for drinking infrequently, but they will seek out water when needed, so its important to have a fresh supply available – even if they don’t normally seem that interested in it. One thing I’m thinking of getting for our cat is a water fountain, which seems like a great way for pets to enjoy a drink. They seem to appreciate the flowing nature of the water and it stays fresher for longer.

If you can’t have a pet for whatever reason at the moment, you may feel like you’re missing out – especially if you love animals and have had them in the past. A great way around this is to offer to walk a friend or neighbour’s dog or cat sit while they are away – all the perks without the full-time responsibility.

Animals rescue centres often need volunteers to help out or even give foster care, but if you can’t commit to that, maybe just visiting your local cat or dog cafe would be nice?

Pet Safety tips

However you like to spend quality time with pets, whether its popping to the park or going for a meander with your pooch – or just staying at home for a play in the garden, keep an eye on the Petplan hub for all the summer safety tips you need. And for more information about Petplan cat insurance you can visit the website.

Post in collaboration with Petplan

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