Redecorating Your Home With Second Hand Furniture

shutterstock_452393548Buying new furniture is pricey and harsh on our budget. When it comes to redecorating why not use second-hand furniture and used items? They are cheaper to buy and kinder to the environment, a win-win situation.

When buying and finding second-hand furniture we have so much choice available to us nowadays. Here is a post full of tips on where you can find second-hand furniture and what to look out for when purchasing it.

First of all, if you don’t have an eBay account get yourself signed up for one. When it comes to cheap and great finds online eBay is your best friend. It is free to join so, give it a go. On here you can search for just about most items such as second-hand beds, wardrobes, drawers, kitchen utensils, lamps and sofas.
shutterstock_438250105When you are purchasing a sofa or bed online make sure you take accurate measurements. Trust me, the last thing you want is to find the perfect charming sofa only to find when you get it home it won’t fit in the door. This will end up costing you extra money, so measure your door frames and the area where you want to put the sofa or the wardrobe to ensure they will be a perfect fit.

You need to be vigilant when using websites like eBay and gumtree and make sure to ask the seller tons of questions. Ask how long they have owned the item, can you return it if you are not happy and whether it is a smoking or non-smoking house. These are all important questions to ask and will help you determine what kind of state the item is in and what the seller is like.

On eBay, most sellers will post photos of the item, study these carefully. If they haven’t supplied full-length pictures, ask for them.  This will help you determine if there is any tears, stains or other defects.shutterstock_415592140

When it comes to bidding on eBay set yourself a budget and stick to it. It is easy to get caught up in a bidding war but this will cost you a fortune. Also, try not to bid too early. If you see an item you must have, bookmark it and come back to it in the last few hours of the auction and then submit your bid. When you bid too early you can potentially drive the prices up.

Now to get it home. Not every seller will arrange delivery for you some will be listed as collection only. But not to worry you can use eBay compatible delivery websites such as Shiply. Shiply matches you with couriers who are already making similar trips so the prices will be cheaper than standard courier services.

You are not limited to eBay when it comes to buying second hand furniture. Have you heard of Freecycle? This website allows you to search for used items in your area and purchase them for free. Yes, it’s completely for free. You can also use it to offload your own unwanted used stuff. So sign yourself up and check it out.

And finally, you don’t have to furniture online. Search for local car boot sales and go along. Take the kids and make it a family day out.  You can also check the local classified ads in the papers and charity shops. Where there is a will there is always a way.

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