A Touch of Bathroom Chic

bathroom-1336165_640If you want to turn your bathroom into a place to relax, and unwind, adding a touch of chic can really help. There is nothing quite like laying back, and relaxing in a big bath full of bubbles, with a glass of wine and a nice book.

Creating the right ambience in your bathroom can turn it into an oasis of calm for you, and other members of your family, and it is not hard to do. For example, shabby chic is an easy look to achieve, even if you are on a small budget.

The basics

This style works best if you have a classic looking suite. Anything with an Edwardian or Victorian style works extremely well.

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A roll top bath

If you have the cash, a standalone roll top bath is a fantastic option. Slipper baths look particularly good in this type of bathroom.

Colour scheme

Black and white is a good look for a chic space. Very Paris, at the turn of the century, but it is far from your only option. Pea green, deep red or bright blue colour schemes also work really well for this look.

The walls

By far the best wall covering for a chic bathroom is wood panelling. Using this material does not mean that you are stuck with brown. Modern water resistant paints come in bright colours, including pea green, which is a great option for a chic bathroom.


When it comes to flooring wood is a good option. Although the best look is plain white tiles. If you have opted to go with a black and white colour scheme, reflect this in the tiles that you use. A classic check pattern floor always looks good and is easy to keep clean.

Dressing the bathroom

Thick fluffy towels in white or a colour that complements the walls work well. A nice rug looks better than a modern bathmat. Use these tips to make sure that the rug stays in place, and does not represent a trip hazard.

A place for everything

To pull off this look you need to minimise clutter. Rows of modern shampoos and cosmetics can easily spoil the look. It is much better to buy a good bathroom cabinet and get everyone into the habit of putting things away when they have finished with them.

Chic bathroom accessories

You also need to choose the right accessories for this style of bathroom. Classic shapes work best. If you are going to have a towel rail installed, make it a chrome one. In this type of bathroom, a mirror with a frame is a far better option than a frameless one, which is too modern.

As you can see the chic look is not hard to achieve, and it is easy to freshen up this look, on a regular basis.

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