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Shopping for Innovative Kitchen Appliances

Technology for the modern home is constantly being updated, with ever more innovative products coming onto the market to make our lives easier.  One room that can be super high-tech these days is the kitchen, with intelligent kitchen appliances that can improve the way we function in the hub of the home.

 If you are buying a new appliance in the near future, here are some high-performance features that you might want to look out for in the three main areas of the kitchen: cooking, refrigeration and washing.

Cookers, ovens and hobs

If you think that an oven with a touchscreen and integrated cookbook, allowing you to cook any dish with just a few taps and swipes is a thing of the future, or a ceramic hob able to detect the shape of your pot and heat to the shape of your pan, think again!  Companies like Amica specialise in these intelligent solutions.  In addition, many modern cookers now feature:

  • ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency, ensuring lower bills for you
  • Self cleaning – some appliances have easy cleaning functions, using steam to soften deposits and make them easy to wipe away
  • Rapid preheating – some appliances take just a few minutes to heat up to the temperature required, saving both time and energy
  • Cool door technology – no more burns from touching the oven door, even when the temperature is turned up high
  • Hobs with functions such as ‘pause’ – handy if you have to suddenly leave the room or a lock to stop heat being turned off accidentally
  • Ovens with extra large capacity – beneficial for those who like to batch cook meals
  • Multi-functionality – a wide range of settings and controls to get the most out of your appliance such as classic heating, grilling, top heating only, fan function to distribute air evenly, toaster, defrosting etc.

Fridges and Fridge-Freezers

Refrigeration can be achieved with much lower energy consumption nowadays, so check the efficiency ratings before you buy – you could save money!  Other features to look out for are:

  • Frost-Free – no one wants to manually defrost a freezer so opt for a model that is frost free and you won’t need to
  • Anti bacterial – some models have built-in protection against growth of mould and bacteria
  • LED lighting – to provide crisp, bright light that also uses less electricity than traditional lighting
  • Silent operating – low noise fridges and freezers to avoid disturbing the family
  • Reversible doors – choose which way you’d like you fridge to open to best suit your kitchen
  • Super freezing – this allows you to cool a large quantity of products quickly, a great feature when you return home with a big shop on a warm day

Washing machines

High performance washing machines can have much less environmental impact these days with super efficient energy ratings, which also saves you money.  As well as a range of programmes you might want your machine to run (e.g. rapid wash for small amounts of laundry, sports wash for active sorts who need a wash cycle to complete quickly, delicate wash to protect your finer clothes with a gentle touch; a mixed programme where any fabrics can be washed together) other features to look out for may include:

  • Extra wide doors to ease loading and unloading, especially when washing bulky bedding or curtains
  • Auto sensors that can match the level of water and energy required to the weight and type of the wash load
  • Automatic Balance System – keeping your washing machine in place, as the load is evenly distributed before the spin cycle starts
  • LCD control –  a modern control panel with a multifunction LCD display for ease of operation and to help monitor where a wash cycle is up to
  • Child Lock – to prevent accidental starting of the machine
  • Anti-allergy washing – with extra heated rinsing, designed for people with sensitive skin

With  an array of super-stylish, energy-efficient kitchen appliances that are designed to provide intelligent solutions, choosing your next new appliance carefully is important.  As a potentially long-term investment, you need to ensure your purchase delivers on quality, functionality and aesthetics, enhancing both your kitchen and your home life.

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