Simple ways to add value to your buy-to-let

If there’s one thing for sure in these uncertain times, it is that rental properties are in high demand. Many people and families struggle to get on the property ladder and so renting is the way forward for many. But it’s a competitive market, so for any landlords, now is the the ideal time to consider a renovation project or make-over on your rental property to make it as appealing as possible to prospective families and individuals. The good news is it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! There are many ways to make improvements that will give your rental property the best opportunity for a quick let. So here’s some inspiration to get you started.

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Make a good first impression

Most people will know straight away, as soon as the step through the front door, whether a property is for them or not. We make up our minds quickly, so capturing their interest from the get go is a major point to consider. To make a good first impression, ensure the property feels bright, clean and airy. It should be well lit and welcoming. Is there natural light coming in and if not, could you improve the ambiance with artificial lighting? It may be worth considering adding spotlights or even skylights in a kitchen-diner and a light tunnel is a great way to bring daylight into an enclosed bathroom. In bedrooms and living rooms you could think about installing dimmer switches to adjust the lighting to create a cosy atmosphere in the evenings.

Add key design elements

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It can be fun thinking about the ways you can improve your property. Seek out those existing features that can be enhanced affordably. For example, could you incorporate a window seat into a bay window, perhaps with storage included? Replacing standard light fittings with contemporary lights and switches in key rooms can elevate the look of your rental property. Installing more exclusive fixtures into your property can be a worry when it’s not you who’ll be looking after them, so ensure you get all the right contents insurance in place. You can compare landlord insurance policies over on CIA. As for other design ideas, could you turn a basement into a wine cellar by fitting some wine racks and extra storage to show the potential of your space? The key is offering something additional or unusual and attractive to prospective tenants. Perhaps you could set up the understairs area as a handy work from home or study space. Or how about turning the property into a ‘smart home’ with some of the new technology that is on the market – security systems, hive etc.

The importance of kitchens and bathrooms 

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In any property, the kitchen and the bathrooms should be the main focus as these are the deal breakers. All other rooms can be a blank canvas ready to be individualised by the tenants, but the fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms can’t be changed. They need to have a wide appeal and as fresh and contemporary as possible as no one longs for a dated kitchen or bathroom! If your budget can stretch to a refit go for it, as it will be worth the investment. Otherwise, think about the small changes you can make to lift the space. Dark wooden cupboards can be lightened and brightened with paint and handles replaced, whilst the worktops, sink and tap could be replaced. Maybe its time to update the appliances – you could add a mod-con such as a coffee machine or induction hob as these will add heaps of appeal.

Pay attention to flooring

You may not think the flooring is all that important, but it is. Carpets may be a cheap quick fix, but they can soon become stained, worn, even burnt and they will trap odours. So think about the benefits and cleanliness of hard flooring. Laminate is a great, hard-wearing and good value option. It’s even possible to install it yourself to keep costs down. A neutral wood effect design will be easy to maintain and should appeal to everyone, giving your property a premium feel.

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