Simple Ways To Personalise Your Rental Property

Renting a home is an excellent solution for those people who wish to have somewhere to call home while still having the flexibility to travel, move around more and maintain flexibility for changing relationships. 

This doesn’t have to mean that a rental place has to be devoid of personality. Without the need to commit to a complete decor overhaul, there are some simple tips and hacks to help you personalise your rental property without having to part with too much hard-earned money – or even your security deposit. 

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Create a gallery wall 

Having photographs of your nearest and dearest capture memories of the best and most beautiful moments of our lives. 

While it’s nice to bring out the album on occasion, why not use your memories to create an at-home gallery? Frames don’t have to clutter up your surfaces, leaving no room for anything else. Minimize messy sides and utilize frames to create an individualized design piece. 

Use eclectic, mismatched frames and cheap canvas prints for a quirky, fun gallery look dedicated to those you love the most. You don’t even have to put a nail in a wall, as there are plenty of products which allow you to remove your frames with ease- without causing any lasting damage to the walls- a simple way to ensure you get to keep your security deposit. 

Give old furniture an injection of life

Buying new furniture can be expensive when moving into a new place, but getting your hands on some new to you furniture can be just as good. Old-fashioned furniture may not be to your taste, but giving the pieces an injection of personality by giving them a quick sanding and bright paints can really transform a piece as well as the room around it.

You don’t only have to get your hands on old family relics to do this – get onto websites such as Freecycle and Facebook marketplace to get inspiration, or visit second-hand places to help you with your home makeover journey while on a tight budget. 

By upcycling, you’re also doing your bit to help to save the planet.

Bespoke, eco-friendly furniture without the price tag? What’s not to love about that? 

Be versatile with your living room accessories

Photo by Nadine Wuchenauer from Pexels

Cosy evenings in will always call for cuddling up into soft blankets and sofa throws, whereas summer is all about fresh-cut flowers and sunset glows in your living room. 

Desert plants that require minimal effort to look after can add the outside element to an indoor space. They’re also easily transportable and are a simple addition to a room. 

Lighting can be used differently at various times of the day and on different occasions. Want to create an intimate setting without using hazardous candles? Fairy lights are not just for Christmas, they can be added to the inside of jars to create a simple and pretty setting. 

There are many ways of cheaply transforming the look of your rental home that require little to no effort to be effective. 

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