Everything You Need to Know About the 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

Koreans are known for a lot of things like having gorgeous, porcelain skin. Ever since the discovery of Korean skincare, people want to achieve the famous glass skin— some to the extent of doing the 15-18-step Korean skincare routines. To start, though, you only need to know about the most basic ten steps.

The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

Korean cosmetic companies like 3 Concept Eyes often develop natural-looking hues. These products complement a good skincare routine. You can check out their glowing makeup here. Koreans like to enhance natural beauty, so they often prioritize skincare over makeup, but they like to use radiant colours.

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Get to know the ten essential steps of Korean skincare and consider what every step does to your skin:

1. First Cleanse

A pre-cleansing or makeup removal is the first step. This method is your initial wash to remove the first layer of makeup, dirt, sebum and oil that you’ve accumulated all day. Some people use a cleansing makeup remover wipe and others use an oil-based cleanser to remove the dirt.

2. Second Cleanse

After your initial clean, follow up with a water-based facial cleanser. This step is all about removing the makeup and other residues from your first cleanse. Fully prepping your skin to absorb all the products you are about to use next will boost their efficacy. Make sure to pat your face dry instead of rubbing after washing.

3. Exfoliate

You should remove the dead skin cells from your face through exfoliation. Look for a soft, exfoliating mask that is effective in removing dead cells from your face. Focus on the problem areas where whiteheads may regularly appear, especially around the nose or your t-zone area. You should only do this once or twice a week; overdoing will irritate your skin.

4. Tone

Using a toner will help balance your skin’s pH after going through all the cleansing. The toner will finish up the cleaning, building a squeaky clean canvas, and making sure it is ready to absorb the nutrients you will apply next. Avoid using alcohol-based toners and go for gentle, relaxing toners from the beauty aisle.

5. Essence

An essence will help improve your skin’s condition. After applying the product to your skin, it will become bright and clean. Find the perfect formula for your skin type and continuously use until you fix any problem areas.

6. Serum

The serum is a powerful formula that can help give you a skin that’s glowing, brighter and plump. A serum helps reduce the signs of aging, improves the skin’s texture and boosts your skin with potent botanicals, vitamins and minerals. Serums can help bring back your youthful glow and achieve the coveted Korean glass skin.

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7. The Sheet Mask

Sheet masks will help lock in the nourishing components within your serums and essences. These sheet masks are supercharged sheets laced with cooling serums. People usually use sheet masks every night, but you may apply one when your skin looks super dry and tired. There are varieties of sheet masks that target specific skin concerns and can help with hydrating, healing and tightening your skin.

8. Eye Cream

It’s advisable to apply eye cream in the morning before makeup and again at night time before you sleep. Eye cream is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and eye bags; ideally you should start doing this from your 30s.

9. Face Moisturiser

Using face moisturiser will lock your skin’s moisture in and keep your face hydrated. Use a lightweight moisturiser during the day so it will soak into your skin fast and leave your face grease-free. At night you can use a moisturiser designed to rejuvenate your skin as you sleep.

10. Sunblock

Applying sunblock will protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. Sunscreen will also prevent your skin from aging and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Use this every morning, especially when you’re going out. You can opt for an SPF cream that is lightweight but effective. Others prefer a sunblock spray or use a Korean foundation that has high SPF.

Final Thoughts

The key is finding the perfect products to use in all these steps and making sure they are compatible with your skin type— otherwise, your efforts will be put to waste. Remember to always listen to your skin, and when there’s skin reaction, you should stop using the products. Another Korean beauty secret is less makeup, more skincare. Create a beautiful skin canvas, and you will surely need less makeup.

Source: https://shesintheglow.com/the-10-step-korean-skincare-routine/

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