Stylish Decor Ideas For Decorating The Perfect Guest Room

Decorating your home is a labour of love. It provides the homeowner with an opportunity to express their unique sense of style and well-decorated home is a source of pride. Nowhere is this truer than when decorating a guest room. Now that the festive season is upon us, it is the perfect opportunity to add some stylish Christmas touches to your guest rooms too. There are many budget Christmas decorating ideas throughout your home that can help you spruce up your decor, such as making your own home-made wreaths and garlands. Here are just some other useful decor tips that can help you decorate the perfect guest bedroom in your home.

Decide on the best bedroom design

The ideal guest room provides those who are visiting with a homely feel. Guest bedrooms might not be used too often, but when they are you can ensure that they are both comfortable and attractive for your guests. The ideal guest room should provide enough space without overpowering the guest with design flourishes. In a perfect world, the ideal guest bedroom would contain two beds so that families staying together can enjoy the comfort of a great night’s rest. Livening up those beds with throw pillows is also a wonderful idea. A great throw pillow can create a focal point – and the use of textured materials also creates a feeling of warmth and welcome.

Make sure they have a comfortable bed

The choice of bed or beds to use in your guest room is also an important factor to consider. Think back at the average guest that you will be welcoming into your home. Are they single, a couple, or do they have an extended family? Those thoughts should guide you when it comes to organising sleeping arrangements. Leading iron bed company, Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Co. have also put together their own guide on the best beds for guest rooms that can help you decide which beds you might need for your home.

Pick out a favourite colour scheme

Another useful factor to consider when decorating a guest bedroom is what colours or colour schemes you are going to use. The choice can be bright and breezy – but often a darker colour such as navy blue can contribute to making the room feel warm and cosy. If you want to add some texture to your guest room, then patterned wallpaper could also be a great decor option for you to use. Stripes, geometric patterns, or florals are just some trendy patterns that can help add a creative touch to your guest room.

guest bedroom

Make guests feel at home

Often a guest room might not have a lot of space for additional furniture. However, adding a small bedside table or chest of drawers can help guests have a space to store their items when they unpack. In fact, if there is space an occasional chair it would make the guest room even more welcoming. Remember that while the daily life of the home unfolds around the guest it is always nice for them to have a place to retreat and contemplate the day. It is often the small touches that will make the guest room warm and welcoming.

Add some finishing touches

Spending a little more on heavy curtains, for instance, will make the room a haven of peace and quiet – as well as providing the guests with a great night’s rest. Picking out high-quality bed sheets and plenty of pillows and cushions are also a great way for you to make up the ideal bed for guests who are coming to stay. However when selecting materials and other pieces of furniture for the guest room, it can be useful to make sure that the decor is in harmony with the design touches of the home in general. An alternative to this is to choose a theme that will guide your decor choices. If the guest room is for instance at the seaside, perhaps consider a nautical theme? Or a rustic theme can help to add an extra touch of warmth and comfort to any home.

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