Tempting Scents To Make Your Home Office A Productive And Comfortable Space

If you’re finding yourself working from home this year, as many of us are, then you’ve likely had to set up a home office. While a desk, comfortable chair, and computer are usually the first things you considered when putting together your home office, the scent is a consideration that many of us may overlook.

Our sense of smell is often underestimated when it comes to improving our mindset and productivity. Scents are intrinsically linked to our memories and can invoke feelings and drive behaviours. Their ability to improve and encourage our brain function makes fragrance a fantastic asset to use in your home workspace.

Here are the best scents for making your home office a happier and more productive place.

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How Best To Fragrance Your Home Office

There are many ways that you can choose to create a beautiful fragrance for your home workspace. You must choose the very best if you want to be on top of your game while working from home.

Always choose high quality scents, for longevity and so that you know that you are getting a fragrance that will truly enrich your life. You may choose a scented candle, room spray, or reed diffuser. All are excellent choices for the home office and will fill your living room or workspace with a fragrant aroma.

Reed diffusers are the best you can ask for when choosing how to fragrance your home. They are long lasting, come with many luxury scents and you can choose the intensity level.

How Scents Will Improve Your Home Workspace

The right scent will help to enhance your mood, which in turn will increase your productivity. Being happier and relaxed in your workspace will do wonders for making you more efficient and engaged.

Scents have been known to aid the reduction of stress as well as improving brain function and analytical thinking. Working from home presents challenges that working in an office does not, and the right scent or combination of scents can go a really long way to combating many of these challenges.

Using perfume as a signal can be a fantastic way to help you engage for the beginning of the day and switch off at the end of the day. Choosing a morning scent that invigorates you can be important to having a successful day at work.

The right perfume scenting your home can also help with establishing a routine. Given that our memories and habits are so intrinsically linked to scents, having the same morning fragrance can be the ideal way to ease you into a creative, working mindset.

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Scents For Productivity and Problem Solving

Many people can find working from home to be a less productive way of working, with the line between home and work becoming blurred and the everyday distractions of your home constantly encroaching. If you’re worried that your productivity is slipping then there are a few great scents that can help in different ways.

Choosing a fresh and fruity smell can be the perfect choice for your home workspace to keep you performing your best. Citrus scents particularly are fantastic for productivity and provide a calm, clean scent. Lemon is great for increasing focus and drive, which will help you work harder and with greater accuracy.

It’s also worth considering scents like coffee – not just for drinking! The aroma of coffee can help with staying alert and attentive throughout the day. Coffee is also a wonderfully versatile note, meaning that you can choose from many other scents that will complement the invigorating coffee fragrance.

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Scents For Living Areas

Your home office will in many cases function as another room in your home, whether it is your living room or spare bedroom. That means that it is important to choose a fragrance that is suitable for the other function that this room provides.

Particularly if your home office is in your living room you will want a scent that keeps a relaxing and calming mood throughout the day to best help you unwind after a day at work. Choosing a separate, but complementary scents is key to achieving this work-life and scent balance.

There are so many fragrances to choose from when it comes to your living room. The decision, of course, rests on your personal preference but as a general rule, you would not want an overly powerful scent for your living room. This is a place where you will likely want to relax whether alone or with friends and family.

You should choose a light, relaxing natural smell like pomegranate scent for your home that brings a beautiful fresh smell. Sage is another great calming and relaxing scent for your living area. If you would like to opt for a richer aroma then ginger is lovely for bringing warmth and vitality to your home.

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Scents For Health and Wellbeing

Having the right scent for your health and wellbeing is just as important as having the right one for productivity.

Working from home can be a stressful experience, with the lines between work and personal life often becoming blurred. Without any commute to decompress after work a good calming ambience that encourages absolute wellbeing is key.

Choosing a natural, fresh scent is perfect for maintaining good mental health. A calming fragrance can be just the thing to keep you happy and comfortable in your home office. Pomegranate and green apple can be perfect for keeping your mood uplifted and your wellbeing protected.

Scents For Staying Focused

We’ve all experienced times in the day where you feel your productivity slump and don’t think you can process another report or format another spreadsheet. You might take this time to take a break, get a hot drink, and stretch your legs a bit. Another thing that you really should be utilizing at these times is home fragrance.

The right one can really boost your focus and keep you in the zone if you feel you are starting to flag. Cinnamon is great for fighting mental fatigue and stimulating your senses.

Scents For After A Stressful Day

Many of us are experiencing more stress than usual these days. Stress can have a very negative effect on our mental wellbeing, so trying to combat any stressors in your life is hugely important.

Some activities like meditation, yoga, or listening to music may be the first thing you think of when you’re considering how to unwind after a hard day. What you may not think of is that the right fragrance, which can do wonders for calming stress, and quieting an overly active mind.

Try lavender, rosemary, or lemon for unwinding at the end of the day. Lavender is also a great way to aid sleep if stress is keeping you awake at night. Natural earthy scents are the best for most kinds of stress, as it helps us reconnect with nature, grounding and centering our thoughts. You could even grow your own lavender or rosemary houseplant if you want to go that extra step.

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