The Beauty of Bi-fold doors

The amazing run of summer weather in the UK recently means we can get out and about more and enjoy the great outdoors!

A minor downside is that our houses may have been a bit stuffy and hot.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to open up the entire back of your house to let the fresh air and sunshine right in, removing any barrier between home and garden during these sunny days?

That is the beauty of having bi-fold doors installed.  The popularity of bi-fold, or bi-folding doors has increased ever upwards since we first were introduced to their concept.  I first saw them on the home improvement TV shows I love to watch and have coveted them ever since.

The fact that many people in this economic climate are choosing to stay in their existing homes, doing them up instead of moving, has pushed up the demand for these eye-catching home features.

They have become much more affordable and as a home improvement they guarantee to add style, enjoyment and even value to your home.  It doesn’t matter if you just have one small wall or a giant corner room to open up on two sides with bi-fold doors, when they are bespoke they will make the most of whatever space you have.

Being able to bring the outdoors in is a beautiful benefit of these amazing glass doors, as well as the massive increase in natural light and air flow they provide.

There are different types to choose from, you can opt for composite, aluminium bi-folding doors or timber ones…

bi-fold timber

It is a nice feature if you can make the floor levels inside and out flush, so as to enhance the flow and make the outdoors truly feel part of the room.  If you use the same floor materials, such as tiles or flag stones for the kitchen as well as the patio that will make it even more seamless.  However it’s not essential to do that – as you can see below, contrasting floors – and even levels – can also look really nice.

Yes, my future dream home would certainly feature a large row of bi-fold doors leading out onto a beautiful large patio.  But the good news is, although I might have to wait for my dream home to happen, I’ve realised that it is not necessary to win the lottery to afford bi-fold doors, nor own a massive house because these stunning doors can work just as beautifully in a much more compact size.

With bi-folding doors it is possible to enjoy the outdoors from the inside and make the most of any finer days and of course the view out onto our gardens.  Or when entertaining, folded right back a party can spill outside and children can run in and out to their hearts content as they play!  I love the versatility, options and greater access to the outdoors that bi-fold doors can give a home owner.

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This is a commissioned blog post, but all opinions and words are my own.

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