The Best Home Furnishing Fabrics to Use Each Season

Lots of us enjoy making seasonal changes to our home. New cushions on the sofa, a fresh bedding set, a smart new rug are all ways to refresh a space. These updates are often dictated by the changing seasons and the climate where you live – temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind, precipitation, and other meteorological elements can all affect us to a greater or lesser degree depending on our location in the world. 

It is both fun and practical to change up our surroundings from time to time, so check out this seasonal guide to the best upholstery fabric you can use in your home:


A perfect way to introduce warmth into your room is to look for winter-friendly furnishings if you’re thinking of ways to turn the heat up at home. Here are some of the fabrics you can use during winter.


What makes velvet a crowd-pleaser is that not only is it sensually smooth in texture, it contributes opulence to every decor. Use velvet in deeper hues for a soft and quiet feel, keeping it simple with a single-colour tone variation.

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Another winter-friendly fabric is Jacquard. Jacquard weaves come with the pattern woven directly into the cloth rather than embellished on it like damasks and brocades. Furthermore, it is robust and stretchy; therefore, for a long time, the glory of your jacquard-upholstered furniture is guaranteed to remain intact.


Chenille, a fuzzy and velvety fabric, is made of caterpillar-like yarn. The fabric gives every space a cushiony, warming feeling, which makes it perfect for your den or family room. Chenille is also ideal for making draperies; during winters, curtains made from the fabric can easily help block out the cold.


Changing up textiles in your home is an easy and comparatively inexpensive way to refresh your space for the spring season. You can use fabric, pattern, and paint instead of the down duvets and comforters, chunky throws, and velvet drapes of winter to create a spring oasis in your home.


Use breathable fabrics, just like cotton. It contains natural fibres that make it possible to circulate a decent amount of air and they don’t trap heat, keeping your body and home cool and comfortable.


Like cotton, linen is a breathable fabric as well.  Also, it is a natural fibre. Mostly, this type of fabric is used for towels, tablecloths, napkins, and bedsheets. It is also a good upholstery fabric because it is strong and extremely durable.

Photo by Lisa from Pexels


During springtime, it is perfect to introduce silk into your home because it provides an airy look in those warmer months. In an array of colours, it can also create a cheerful and vibrant, or cooling ambience. Whether it’s a silk bedthrow or matching pair of cushions, there will be a type and pattern of silk fabric perfect for your home.


If you’re looking for some summer fabrics for your home, we’ve got you covered for this season with the most popular choices.


Canvas fabric is sturdy and breathable and is excellent since it is mostly waterproof for outdoor furniture but can also fit indoors.  It is easy to clean and pretty much immune to snags and light damage. Canvas curtains are in style and bring to your home a rustic but elegant look.


This material is easy to clean and soft while still wicking moisture away and remaining cool. It does not absorb heat, so it’s a great summer option, especially if you have a family with young children or animals.


Cotton as mentioned earlier is a breathable fibre, which ensures that air flows quickly through it and doesn’t make you feel sweaty. It’s fairly cheap, and it comes in a multitude of colours, in many styles, compared with other textiles, so you can easily find a cotton scarf, curtain, or even sofa cover that suits your taste.


There are some fabrics that are versatile enough to use in both autumn and winter. Here are some of them:


On nearly every piece of furniture, velvet looks good and is perfect for giving items a nice texture. Rich velvet colours such as burnt orange and cinnamon are great options to provide warmth and a sense of luxury in those cosy seasons. 


Perfect for autumn and winter, this is a durable choice for fabric upholstery. A 100% natural fibre derived from sheep, it’s crimped quality means that it has more bulk than many other textiles, allowing it to retain heat, making it an excellent insulating fabric.

Photo by Dietmar Hannebohn on Unsplash


It’s easy to love fabrics, but when presented with so many options it can be confusing and difficult to choose the right one. Hopefully this guide has shown there is a practical and beautiful fabric for every season!

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