Top 5 Tips for Creating your Home Gym

This post is in conjunction with design and fit-out specialists Velvaere Studios

With gyms and sports clubs shut for long periods of time recently, keeping fit at home has become essential for many of us, just as working at home has too. Perhaps you would love to have a gym at home, but don’t think you have the right kind of space, or simply don’t know how to go about creating one? If so, read on for these expert tips on creating your very own home gym.

Make sure your space will function as a home gym

Avoid the mistake of a “room full of equipment” rather than a home gym. Carefully design your gym so that it allows for an effective work out.

Many aspects can be overlooked but it’s the attention to detail that enables the user to experience the full benefits of a home gym.

For example; is your gym ‘zoned’ correctly, with separation between the strength and cardio area? Is your gym flooring located in the right place?  Is there enough space behind your cardio equipment and are sockets in the right place to avoid trailing leads? Are your mirrors located in the best position? Is your bench and squat rack directly under any lights that are affecting your vision?

The design service at Velvaere Studios enables clients to visualise their space, focusing on the details to make it perfect in every way. The design team uses the latest design tools to assist their clients from initial concept to the equipment layout and final design finishes.

Does the space inspire you?

Once the fundamentals of design are established to enable your home gym to function properly, you need to work on personalising your space. A home gym should be designed to promote wellbeing and a sense of inspiration. The choice of wall and floor finishes, the mood created by the lighting and the atmosphere from air quality to fragrance will all contribute to the energy within the room.

Does the equipment match your fitness and lifestyle needs?

It is essential that the equipment you choose is the equipment you will use. If your goal is to build muscle then you would want to focus on investing in strength equipment such as dumbbells and other free weights rather than cardio pieces such as a treadmill. You might like the idea of a treadmill, but you may still want to go for runs outside with your running partner so the equipment focus should be on the equipment you will most use.

Velvaere can help you to focus on selecting the equipment for your home gym which best suits your workout and lifestyle needs as they provide a whole range of health and fitness equipment, to meet the needs of all training requirements. They are skilled at creating a solution for every space, ranging from a single set of dumbbells through to a full home gym set up, and partner with the world leading equipment manufacturers to produce proposals to fit your budget.

Find the right space

Do you have a spare room or suitable space that can be repurposed? Many people convert their garages, spare rooms, basements and lofts etc. and it may be possible to make a room flexible in its use. It is important though to design it first before you go ahead and assume that it is suitable.

It may be possible to extend your home or a very popular option is to consider using a garden building. Again, you can re-purpose an existing building but often a better solution is a new purpose designed garden building. Companies such as Velvaere’s partners, Green Retreats, provide an efficient and effective way to expand your home to include a home gym where the building structure and amenities such as windows, doors and heating are all included in the price. Velvaere Studios then provide the interior fit out of the garden rooms with fitness equipment and specialist finishes that will transform your space into a fully fitted and perfectly functioning garden room gym specialist finishes.

Quality is key

Your home gym should be built to last. It’s a place to go to improve and feel better so both the interior fit out and the fitness equipment inside should reflect this. A home gym is an investment in yours and your family’s health, happiness and wellbeing. Your home gym needs to be a place that inspires you and the quality of equipment and finishes will all contribute. A quality home gym is much more than about how it looks, it’s about how it makes you feel.

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