The Best & Most Interesting Household Robots

There was once a time where we feared robots and their powers, but now we’re inviting them into our homes. There’s no sign of hovercars just yet, but it seems we are beginning to live alongside robots – otherwise known as ‘cobots’. A cobot is a collaborative robot, which can refer to any robot intended to work alongside humans. These are the kind of robots that we are increasingly finding available on the market to aid and improve our home lives.

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Mills CNC takes us through a rundown of just a few of the most interesting and useful household cobots that you can get hold of to help you with everyday household chores.

Roomba – the robot vacuum cleaner

I’m sure most of you will have heard of Roomba, the robot vacuum cleaner. Roomba has amazingly been around since 2002 but has undergone many changes since then. Today, Roomba can be controlled via Wi-Fi or linked to your Amazon Alexa or Google voice-activated assistant. It moves around your home cleaning floors and can even remember particularly dirty places that need extra attention. When it’s getting low on battery, it can take itself off to its charging station and head back to where it left off when recharged.

Worx Landroad – the robotic lawnmower

Similarly, you can also now purchase a lawnmower that does all the hard work for you. The Landroid heads out and trims your lawn, again returning to its charging station when it’s low on battery or if it begins to rain. Landroid’s intelligent technology autonomously decides how to mow your lawn. It fine-tunes mowing cycles according to the actual growth rate of your grass. So, not only do you no longer have to mow the lawn, your lawn will be looking neater than ever before.

The AppBot Riley 2.0 – the robotic security guard

Instead of investing in a stationary alarm system and home security cameras here and there, The AppBot Riley 2.0 – or Riley as it is more affectionately named – is designed to do everything that an alarm system can, and more. Instead of a camera fitted to the front of your house that can only see one area, Riley travels around your home using a night vision camera and motion detectors to look for suspicious activity and can send alerts to your phone when it spots something. It’s also great for keeping an eye on your pets when you’re not home.

Alfawise Magnetic – the robotic window cleaner

Alfawise Magnetic designed a little robot that cleans your windows for you. It features microfibre pads to clean the glass and suction features to ensure it doesn’t fall off when at work. All you have to do is switch it on and put it against your windowpane. It sets to work and you can control where the robot goes if necessary via a remote control – just in case it misses a spot! This clever little device has three cleaning modes to ensure the best coverage for your windows and once you place it against the glass, it uses its sensors to figure out the best cleaning path.

What household robot would you like to see next? A robot dog walker? Bins that empty themselves? Who knows what our houses will be like in the future? With any luck, we won’t need to lift a finger.

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