The Stool and the Style: the Keys to Designing a Home Bar

If you are looking for ways to transform your garage and make it something more than just a space to store items, but actually make it a living, breathing part of your home that retains something incredibly unique, a home bar or pub might not be everyone’s choice. However, in this day and age where a lot of us don’t necessarily have the finances to go to the pub every Friday or Saturday night, this might be exactly what the landlord ordered! So if you want to design a home bar, what are the things you’ve got to bear in mind? Let’s show you everything, from pillar to pint.

Comfort is Critical

The essence of any home bar is all down to its welcoming atmosphere. The comfort factor is so important in creating that memorable experience, but there are a few other things to consider here. Of course, priority number one is a comfortable bar stool that should provide ample support but also encourage your guests to relax and unwind. 

It’s also worth thinking about those little things that make a bar feel like those pubs you may have frequented many years ago, for example, something like a bar foot rail can be an excellent addition that enhances the comfort factor even further and will give your guests a convenient place to rest their feet and make them feel more at ease. 

These days pubs are quite rowdy environments, and so if you’re looking to turn your garage into a good old-fashioned pub, it’s about making sure the space exudes that all-important sense of relaxation, but also about making sure that you add those little touches of elegance. Think about something like a backsplash behind the bar, but of course, setting up a physical bar itself can also give you that comforting feeling.

Making the Space More Suitable

Not everybody has the luxury of a dedicated room, and this is why their dining room or indeed maybe the corner of their living room is a place that might have a little drinks cabinet. So, if you are lucky enough to have a garage or an outhouse that you can turn into a bar, you’ve got to maximise that space effectively. The right location to place your bar is critical because it should be easily accessible, and you should be able to integrate it into your existing layout. So, even if you can’t renovate your garage, you can use an unused wall or the corner of a room as an amazing starting point. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind the shape and size of the bar itself. A straight bar is perfect if you’ve got narrow spaces because it will be of more use in a room with limited space. On the other hand, if you’ve got a lot more to play with, you can install an L-shaped bar or even a U-shaped bar. This will add functionality but also if you plan on having friends over, it will create a much more sociable atmosphere. 

However, make sure that the bar itself is functional and is not to the detriment of your guests’ comfort. Lots of people have garages that they renovate to turn into a bar, but the bar itself becomes quite overwhelming, which contributes to that overall feeling of being cramped. The great thing about any pub is that there is space, and whether you want to invoke that old-man pub vibe with a leather armchair and a couple of stools or you want to turn it into some sort of modern pub with a more contemporary vibe in the design, you still need to ensure there is enough space for smooth moving.

What Makes a Home Bar Worthwhile?

Creating a home bar is an investment, and while many people took it upon themselves to create that pub environment when the COVID pandemic was in full force, the benefit you’ve got right now is the luxury of time to make that space feel like it’s the beating heart of your home or entertainment space. Of course, the big issue is that if you design it too well, you won’t want to spend time in the house! It’s about making sure that it is an entertaining space. So, let’s show you a few things that can instantly elevate it:

  • An entertainment zone, such as a state-of-the-art sound system, flat-screen TV, or a little game main corner. These are all critical to keeping your guests entertained.
  • A selection of quality drinks is also essential. If you have lofty ambitions to set up your home bar before Christmas, you now need to take advantage of a trip to the supermarket to find all of those high-quality spirits and mixers. But of course, it all depends on what sort of bar you are looking to create. If it’s a cocktail bar, you’re going to head towards the gins, vermouth, as well as mixers and garnishes. On the other hand, if you like beers, it’s easy enough to get all the ones you want and put them in a bar fridge.
  • A personalised touch is also another thing to consider because if you want to reflect your style and personality, now is the ideal opportunity to incorporate elements such as artwork or decor, as well as personalised glassware that resonates with your taste and style.
  • Lighting can transform the ambience of your home bar. So, experimenting with LED strips or pendant lights will ensure that you set the mood. A pub has warm lighting, which is cosy and incredibly inviting, so it’s worth really considering what sort of ambience makes you feel comforted.
  • Effective storage solutions are also essential to ensure that your bar is functional. Wine racks, cabinets, and shelves will ensure that it’s not just organised, but you can see when it’s time to order some more drinks to serve your guests.

What Does It Take to Renovate a Home Bar?

You may already have some type of home bar but it needs an upgrade. In this case, a renovation is the way to go. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Revamping the lighting, which we’ve already discussed, but you could also go further by opting for vintage-inspired pendant lights or modern LED strips.
  • Altering the backsplash can add a touch of sophistication to your home bar, as well as custom mosaics, mirrored glass, and subway tiles to delve deeper into what really suits you.
  • Upgrading the bar top material. We have to remember that it’s all about that bar top as soon as we step into the space, and this doesn’t just make the place look better but it will add so much longevity.

If you are looking to design or even renovate a home bar, you have the ideal space and opportunity to create something that most of us would love to achieve. Lots of people like the social aspect of going to the pub, but so many of us are now struggling with the costs of everything, and this means that we’ve got to figure out how to turn our home into something that is an escape for a short while. With the right designs and attention to detail, you can turn a space like a garage or an outhouse into somewhere where friends and family can gather. Of course, it’s not just going to look amazing, but it will add value to your home and enhance your overall living experience. Some people think it’s an oddity to set up a home bar, but there are many people who have done it with great success. For that, what else can we say but “cheers!”

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