Timeless Window Shutter Ideas For Your Home

I have been looking around recently at window dressing options, other than curtains. One style of window treatment I am considering for our front bay windows is shutters. I have been researching and exploring the options – here’s what I’ve found.

Benefits of Choosing Shutters

There’s no doubt that shutters viewed from both the outside and inside, with their clean lines, give the home a very smart and tidy appearance. I have to admit I get frustrated at the crumpled appearance of our curtains if they are not drawn back properly. With shutters at the window, they would never appear untidy.

Shutters also provide an adjustable level of privacy that curtains or blinds can’t quite match as they can be closed, opened fully or the slats tilted as required. Whether you are looking for sound or light control, or insulation, there is a type of shutter for you.

Much as I have found our shaker style kitchen to be able to stand the test of time, shutters are similarly timeless. They don’t date like other home features can can – always classic, always in style.

How many other window dressings can suit and enhance either a period property and a modern apartment? Their versatility alongside beauty are key benefits of modern day shutters. They require little maintenance, too – only needing a wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time.

Shutters are an investment buy, but they are made to last and there are ways to make savings (see further down the post).

Types and Styles of Shutters

Although shutters have a timeless quality, that doesn’t mean you have to choose a particularly traditional shutter e.g. wooden plantation shutters – they can be extremely contemporary in design when it comes to style and colour.

White is an ever popular choice, but you can also opt for natural wood, or grey or even a pop of colour with yellow, red or blue shutters making a bold statement! These are a fun and lively choice in a quirky, individual home or a child’s or teenager’s room, becoming a key part of the decor and colour scheme.

California Shutters offer a fantastic range of styles and materials, with designs suitable for any home and interior style. Each shutter is made-to-measure from top-quality materials, designed to add a touch of luxury to your decor. Whether you have large standard windows, or square bays or even an unusual feature window, shutters can be tailored to suit.

The main types of shutters include cafe-style, which cover the lower section of your window only, leaving the top lights shutter-free. This is a great way to stop passers by looking into your home without sacrificing more natural light than you wish. A popular option for kitchens and bathrooms.

Full height shutters cover the whole of your window in large panels but still offer versatility. For example you can have them hinged to open fully, or folding style (like a concertina).

Double Hung or Tier on Tier style shutters enable you to open the high slats fully and the lower ones partially, should you wish to open them independantly and they are a great option for period sash window styles and bays.

The options are pretty wide ranging when it comes to shutters – for example you might consider solid shutters to keep the light out of bedrooms and nurseries. Or instead of choosing traditional wooden shutters you might prefer to go for a waterproof PVC material enabling you to have shutters installed in your bathroom.

The versatility doesn’t end there, as the finish to your shutters can be painted, stained or limewashed depending on personal preference.


Many people when opting for shutters will want a made to measure service that includes fitting. Not everyone is confident about DIY but it is possible to install your shutters yourself, which is a money saver. If you live anywhere near me and are looking for shutters in Manchester then you can book a professional installer – California Shutters offer fitted shutter options at lower costs than other full-service shutter installations. However if you fancy giving installation a go yourself, there’s plenty of good advice and help on hand including tips and video guides to ensure you get the result you want when going for self-installation.

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