Workstation Ergonomics & The Liberty Task Chair from Humanscale

A few weeks ago I was invited to the new northern HQ of Humanscale – a premium designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve health and comfort as you work.

As someone who experiences lower back discomfort, I’m always interested in ergonomic solutions that make working at a desk more comfortable and productive. At the Manchester showroom I got to see how workstations can be designed for wellness and peak performance. Humanscale’s award-winning office solutions include self adjusting seating and sit/stand desks that are designed to inspire movement and support the user in every posture.

Not only does Humanscale lead the way in ergonomic design, it was also heartening to learn just how firmly committed the company is to placing sustainability at the core of everything they do. Responsible design and manufacturing is paramount and every internal decision is evaluated to minimise the impact to the Earth. To date, 26 Humanscale products have been certified net positive by The International Living Future Institute, which means that every time they are made, the planet is measurably better off.

For example, the Smart Ocean and Liberty Ocean chairs utilise material from discarded fishing nets, pulled directly from the ocean. Widely considered to be the most harmful type of plastic, the nets are transformed into plastic pellets and then used to manufacture the chairs.

More recently Humanscale invited me to try their Liberty Task Chair, designed by Niels Diffrient.

Liberty Task Chair

The Liberty Task chair is an innovative mesh task chair engineered to provide hands-free recline that moves with you to provide constant lumbar support. With a simply stylish, minimalist appearance this chair looks as good as it feels. When you lean back there is a weight sensitive recline which gives amazing protection for your back’s pressure points, without restricting movement. It is the tri-panel mesh, designed like a tailored shirt, which enables this fabulously supportive feature.

Naturally, the seat and armrest heights are adjustable, with the arm rests attached to the back of the chair for extra support.

If you are planning to invest in a quality, high performance ergonomic desk chair, the benefit to your wellbeing will be noticeable and you should feel able to work comfortably for longer and therefore be more productive. I’ve been using the chair for a little while now, including whilst getting over a back injury and it has been the one chair I can sit in more easily – in fact I have even used it in the evenings when not working, for its supportive and adjustable benefits.

It also looks great which is a bonus if, like me, you are keen to create a stylish workstation at home. I find so many office chairs are bulky and ugly, whereas the Liberty Task Chair is refined and sleek.

Ergonomics & Wellbeing

It’s not just ergonomic chairs that will help your general wellbeing while you work. There are other furniture items and features to consider, for example Humanscale’s sit/stand solutions, so you can change your posture throughout the day. Switching between seated and standing optimises energy, productivity and overall health. Studies have shown that regular standing can burn calories, have a positive impact on well-being and prevent diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

But it’s also about good posture and working practices. There are some really helpful ergonomic tools you can use. I find using an ergonomic mouse has helped get rid of wrist pain. If you use a laptop you could get yourself a laptop holder to raise the height of the screen so that your neck is in a better, more comfortable position when you look at the screen and stop you hunching over.

Make sure you take regular breaks, every 20 to 30 minutes. Stand up and walk around or do some gentle neck and shoulder stretches in your chair. Also look into the distance to give your eyes a rest.

Humanscale Offer

I’m delighted to be able to share a site wide 20% discount code with you courtesy of Humanscale. Simply add CDW20 at the checkout on the Humanscale UK site  – this code is active until 30th June 2022 so don’t delay.
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