Sprucing Up Your Home On A Budget

When you want to make some home upgrades, you might be conscious of how much you will be spending. The great news is there are so many blogs (like this one), websites, magazines, and Pinterest boards that can give you some great tips, information, and inspiration. 

Sprucing up your home on a budget can feel like a pretty big task, but most of the time, when you spend time planning and preparing the room, you can create something wonderful. 

Some upgrades will be cosmetic, and others are a little more substantial, but over time your home needs a mix of both for it to keep running well and looking beautiful. 

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Knock, Knock

Your front door isn’t the first thing that people see, but it can really make a big difference. If your front door isn’t too old, then it can handle a lick of paint, no problems. While you are at it, replacing the hardware like letterbox, knocker, and doorbell can give it a whole new look and feel. And it is a perfect time to add new house numbers too.

If, however, it has had its day, then it might be time to replace it. There are places that you can design your own front door, which can give your home even more of your personality. 


If you have an attic room that you can use but aren’t making the most of because it is dark, then look into adding a skylight. Adding a couple will open up that space for more usage, and aren’t too expensive. You are likely looking at around £500 or so for a non-opening solution and the labour cost on top. Though this can be done cheaper with some shopping around. 


You can make your kitchen look completely different simply by changing the worktops. You can do a few things here. You can opt for a whole new worktop, faux marble, and faux wood will both work really well. But you can also purchase laminate stickers that cover your current worktop and is the cheaper option. If you have room in the budget, IKEA does custom worktops and fitting for around £1000. 


They might make you think of French country homes, or English cottages – because they are just the cutest thing. But they are a great way to let a lot of light in a while still giving you plenty of privacy. To maximize the light that they let in, stick with voile drapes, or use nothing at all. There are quite a few brands that can provide shutters in various styles. But worth noting this is going to be on the high end of the ‘budget.’


There are a couple of things you can do to improve your heating system. L & P Heating Services provide new boiler installation services throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas – making it the first thing you should do. If you don’t like the look of your radiators, you can purchase some radiator cover cabinets. Usually, they will be made of MDF or similar. So you can make sure that it works with the rest of the room. 


This is a time investment, really. We often have way more stuff than we actually need, which can pile up in sneaky places all over our homes. Clutter drawers, little baskets holding ‘bits and bobs,’ and things you just don’t need. It is better to do this one slowly week by week. Try not to just throw everything in the rubbish. Take a look and see what you can sell and what you can donate. 


The same as decluttering, it will take more time than anything else. You can hire a cleaning company to take care of this for you, or you can really dig in and get your own elbow grease going. Often houses aren’t dirty so much as in need of a spring clean. It is worth noting that a clean home gives you positive psychological benefits too. 


If you have large windows, you might want to make the most of them by changing your window dressing. Long flowing curtains can give the room a soft and airy feel. But you can use this space to inject a big dose of personality too. Curtain panels can be a fun option because you can mix and match patterns, and they are easy to change when you are ready for a refresh. 

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You can make your own curtains, and you are only going to be spending on the price of some material. Just remember to factor in the extra fabric you will need to be able to create hems to neaten edges. 

Raised Beds

Upgrades aren’t just for the interior. You can add a lot of room and interest to your garden by adding a raised bed. Most people use them to grow herbs and vegetables. The great thing is that they hold soil in place and retain more moisture – so they need a little less love than your more traditional gardening options. These aren’t too hard to make yourself if you like to get handy with some wood and nails. 

Cabinet Hardware

Replacing all of the cabinets in your kitchen can come in at a pretty steep price, but you can give them a quick upgrade by changing the handles. If you want to replace them, unscrew one of the existing handles and that them with you when you go shopping. This will mean that you won’t make any mistakes when it comes to the size of the screws. 


This one is completely free to do. Have a look at your shelves and how everything is set up. Channel your inner stylist and take everything off the shelves. Start adding things back on slowly and purposefully. Make each shelf a work of art. You might be surprised just how much difference this change can make to the feel of the room. 

So there are just a few suggestions of quick and budget-friendly that can breathe some new life and style into your home!

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