Treat Your Windows to Some Serious Style

Windows are as visible on the outside of your home as they are on the inside, so they are a really important part of your interior decor to get right. These days, we have more window treatment options available than ever before, which means you really can frame your windows in the most stylish way possible, match your home decor and create an excellent first impression. 

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Don’t know where to start? Here are some very stylish window treatment ideas for your consideration:

Custom shades

These days, it is possible to design and print your open fabrics with everything from abstract geometric patterns to your partner’s face. This fabric can then be turned into shades that you can use as window treatments in pretty much every room, So, if you’re looking for a window style solution that’s unique, personal to you, and sure to be talked bout, going from the custom-printed solutions seems like a real no-brainer.

Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are an excellent solution for those of you who want your windows to look stylish, sophisticated, and a bit more traditional. As well as being solidly built and very durable, they are great at keeping the room insulated for better temperature control whether the sun is beating down outside or it’s snowing and you are feeling a chill. If buying wooden shutters, be sure to invest in the best you can afford, and not only will they keep your home at the optimal temperature, but they’ll also last you a lifetime.

Rattan blinds

Rattan blinds are another natural solution you should consider. Not quite as solid as wooden shutters, they’ll let in a little light, making them ideal for darker rooms, while ensuring you can maintain your privacy. They can also be dressed up or down so they’ll look equally as good in a shabby chic home as they will in a slightly more upmarket room – it’s all in the dressing.


You know those vintage silk scarves you never wear? Put them to good use by hanging them from a length of curtain wire above your windows. Their light and airy nature is perfect for those rooms where you need a little privacy, but you want to let lots of light in, and their pretty patterns in a vast array of colours will ensure a cute design touch is present. Hanging lots of scarves in different colours to create a patchwork in each window will look particularly good, but feel free to experiment.

The layered look

Layering sheer net curtains with slightly thicker shades and then a set of curtains, all in complementary colours and patterns is another easy way of creating a put-together designer look that will elevate your windows to the next level. For example, yo could start with a light grey net curtain followed by a dark grey (or navy) shade, and finish with yellow, navy and grey chevron patterned curtains for something that’s truly unique.

Give your windows some love and try out one of these amazing window treatments today.

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