What You Need to Know About Accessories

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Ever visualized your next day’s outfit, but when you put it on, it didn’t come out as you pictured it would? Yeah, that happens to almost everyone. Usually, it’s the colours that don’t match or the fabrics that don’t come together. 

 Another possible mistake is accessories – you don’t need to be a pro, but knowing the basics like what accessories go well with what pieces is your best bet to not ruining your outfit.

 Accessories are the best way to spice up your outfits. For example, wearing watches, rings, and necklaces can transform an otherwise dull outfit into a one-of-a-kind outfit. 

 How you dress influences the first impression, people have of you. So it would help if you accessorized in such a way that boosts your confidence and makes you riveting to onlookers. 

Remember, just like a fine wine, you want your watches and pieces of jewellery to age well by gently and regularly cleaning them. 

 If you have unique accessories like a Rolex watch, you should know how to clean your Rolex to last long. Neglecting these accessories can cause them to wear off quicker and start chipping, making them look old.

 Here are a few must-have accessories. 


Pieces of jewellery are one way you can accessorize your wardrobe. It’s the most common. Usually, legs, hands, and neck are barely ever accentuated. And your clothing either covers them up entirely or leaves them bare. 

 The more reason you need to have several pieces of jewellery that would go well with any of your outfits. Try not to flood yourself with accessories; less is always more when putting a look together.

 Besides, you still need the rest of the jewellery for other days. Try anklets, differently shaped necklaces, rings and bracelets for an upgrade.

 Additionally, having an excellent eye to buy quality jewellery will save you the trouble of skin infections and allergy reactions.


Watches are timeless, elegant accessories that you can pair with all your outfits to make a statement. There’s something about watches that makes them an excellent way to look put together and classy. No wonder they’re never cheap!

Although expensive, brand wrist watches like Rolex can elevate your status. But if you’re thrifty, try the ones sold off the streets. They may be cheap, but you’ll still make a statement.

Hair Accessories 

Most common hair accessories are bands and turbans; however, you can always try hair jewellery. Although hair accessories are standard during bad hair days, you can use them as a way to draw attention to your hair.

How to Care for Your Accessories

Repair and Maintenance

Many things can damage your accessories, especially your jewellery. For this reason, if the damage is repairable, then take your jewellery to a specialist. Otherwise, if the damage is extensive, it would be best to replace it.

Accessorizing is a fun way to brighten your outfits and look stylish. With these tips, you can wear your accessories longer and spice them up with every outfit.

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