Turn your bathroom into your own luxurious SPA paradise

After a long day, there is nothing nicer than to taking a bath and letting all the worries and stress leave the body. Or heading off to a luxury SPA for a lovely relaxing experience. However, not everyone has that opportunity; instead of spending lots of money to relax, why not bring that luxurious SPA feeling home?

Neutrals and earthy tones

When designing a relaxing space, sticking with earthy and neutral tones is the best idea. Bathrooms Newcastle experts at Bespoke Interiors insist that natural and earthy tones for bathroom design are not only popular for the relaxing and calming nature, they’re also popular due to their versatility.

Add life in the room with plants

‘Urban jungles’ are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. Adding plants to your bathroom will not only give a nice pop of colour, they’ll also purify the air and infuse your bathroom with an authentic ‘zen vibe’. Picking the right plants is very important. Select plants based on the amount of sunlight you get and the average air humidity. Tropical plants will thrive better in humid air, but they’ll need to be maintained regularly.

Furthermore, consider plants known for healing powers and their effects on human body. If you’re looking to make your bathroom the ultimate relaxation place, growing a lavender plant in a pot will help you with that!

Upgrade your showerhead

The quickest way to turn your bathroom in a SPA, is to choose a new showerhead. Opt for a waterfall or rainfall showerhead design. If you’ve got the budget to spend, invest in an electronic shower system so you can program the desired temperature and water flow.

Luxurious towels

One thing that is always unique to a SPA are warm fluffy towels. If you have access to a dryer, warm up your towels in there so that when you’re ready to hop out, you’ve got something to prolong the toasty experience. A heated towel rail in the bathroom is a surefire winner for this little luxury.

Make a soothing soundtrack

A quick online order will get you a decent quality waterproof speaker and with the right soothing playlist, it will transform your evening and put you in the ultimate relaxation mood.

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