What Every Guest Bedroom Should Have

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Having a place for your friends and family to stay in when they are visiting means that you get to squeeze in as much quality time as you can. 

All without the worry of the train schedules or late night taxis. Suppose you have friends or family visiting internationally. In that case, you can also help them save money on hotels, meaning they may be able to visit you for even longer. 

The following tips will help you check that your guest bedroom is the best it can possibly be for your loved ones. 

A comfortable bed 

One of the main things that many people miss when they go on trips away is their beds. Everyone has different preferences for mattresses, pillows and even bed linen materials. 

This is why it is important to provide your guests with the most comfortable bed so that no one is uncomfortable during their stay. Hunter Furnishing has an excellent range of beds to choose from with a great bed frame selection. 

Make sure the space is clear 

You may utilise your guest bedroom space as extra storage for your clothes, unsorted laundry or even your out of season holiday decorations. 

It is important to make sure that your guest bedroom space is cleared of anything like that to make your guests feel welcome. Too many of your things in the room could make your visitors feel like they are imposing in your space, making them feel uncomfortable.  

A good rule of thumb is only to keep things in the room that you would find in a hotel room. Your extra jewellery or spare shoes? They should be stored away out of sight. 

Understandably, you may use your guest bedroom as extra storage for your things, as you lack the storage space in your house, so this might not be entirely possible. 

A solution would be to use a hidden storage frame such as an ottoman bed. As long as you provide at least a drawer or a clear wardrobe space for your guests, that will be enough to make them comfortable.  

Remember to do a last check of the room before your guests arrive, ensuring that if you have stored anything you do not want to be seen is not in the room. 

Your guests may accidentally (or intentionally) go through all the things in the room they are staying in. This will help avoid any awkward conversations or secrets being exposed. 

 Extra items they may have forgotten 

There is nothing worse than arriving at your travel destination and only just remembering the mental note to yourself you made about making sure to pack all your socks. 

You can create an emergency box of extra socks for forgetful guests. Other items to include would be toiletries such as shampoos, soap, a toothbrush with toothpaste, deodorants and even a hairdryer. 

You should also provide access to an iron and ironing board to ensure your guest is looking their best.  

Provide a basket of snacks and treats 

A fantastic way to make your guests feel welcome is to provide a basket of snacks to choose from during their stay. 

They might get a late-night snack craving, which your basket of nibbles can help solve. By providing snacks, chocolates, biscuits or sweets that you know are your guest’s favourite, you can show how you know and care about them due to these personal touches. 

Providing fruit and vegetable snacks is also a healthier alternative if your guests are mindful of what they eat.  

You could also show off your baking skills by providing homemade snacks such as cookies, brownies and pretzels for the room. Alternatively, store-bought options will also be a great option as they will have a longer shelf life. 

The great thing about this idea is that once your guests leave and do not consume everything, you will have leftover treats to put into your pantry.  

Suppose your guests visit from another country or even just the town over. In that case, you can provide treats and snacks from local bakeries, chocolate makers or confectionary stores. 

This will help show the local culture of visiting the place by potentially introducing them to something different. You never know, a local chocolate bar may become a new favourite! 

A makeshift workspace  

Suppose your guests are visiting you for an extended time. In that case, they may require a dedicated workspace, especially if they are working remotely. 

Make sure to provide a desk and comfortable chair alongside extra paper and pens. A good desk lamp will also help if the time difference requires them to work throughout the evening and into the night. 

By providing extra phone chargers, laptop chargers or other computer-related cables, you may end up saving your guests trouble if they accidentally forget to bring what they need.  

Remember to provide them with your wifi password to ensure that they do not have to use their mobile phone data, as this can become costly for international visitors without Roaming Data allowances.  

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