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Creating the perfect bedroom isn’t just about having somewhere comfortable to sleep and store clothes. It’s about having a sanctuary. Somewhere you can go to get away from the world. Somewhere to recharge. Somewhere that’s really yours, away from clutter, noise and daily demands.

All too often, bedrooms are neglected, with uncomfortable beds and not enough space. People tend to prioritise living rooms and kitchens when it comes to finding time and money for home improvements, because those are the places that other people see.

But bedrooms are important. You spend eight hours a night sleeping – that’s a third of your life. You probably spend much more than eight hours a day in your bedroom – reading, watching TV, lingering over a morning cup of tea. It just makes sense to start and end your day somewhere that makes you feel calm and happy. What do you need to make your bedroom the perfect sanctuary? We think there are three things you have to get right.

Your bed

Your bed is, naturally, the centre of your bedroom, and it’s where you spend most of your time while you’re in there.

It’s tempting to simply buy the biggest bed you can squeeze into the room, but the right bed isn’t always the biggest bed. If your bed takes up nearly all your floorspace, the room will feel cramped. You want a bed that is big enough for you, and your partner if you have one, to stretch out and sleep comfortably, but you don’t need one that’s bigger than that.

Think about the height of your bed too. High beds with storage space underneath can seem like a great idea if you have lots of stuff. But the problem with underbed storage is that it’s hard to use it effectively. Things get shoved under the bed and simply become unused dust-magnets.

If you can, invest in proper storage elsewhere and look at a low-level bed. Lower beds usually make a room feel more spacious and are less likely to block light from windows or heat from radiators. They’re also ideal if you have small children who sometimes jump in with you.

For the ultimate in extra space, think about buying a futon bed. Well-designed, modern futons are just as comfortable as standard beds and they give you the option of folding up to create extra space when you need it. Perhaps you want room to do some morning yoga, or indulge in a carpet picnic. A futon means you can use your bedroom as private living space rather than just somewhere to sleep. Stores like Futons Online are a great place to browse for inspiration.

Your storage

You can’t have the perfect bedroom unless you have the perfect storage. By perfect, we mean enough to store everything you need in your bedroom, with a little bit of space to spare.

If you regularly find yourself stacking boxes on top of your wardrobe or doubling up clothes on hangers, you’ve got too much stuff, not enough storage, or both. Before you start shopping for new wardrobes, have a clearout. Think hard about what you really need to have instant access to. Can you move clothes you don’t wear often to your loft? Send a few bags to the charity shop? Put a cupboard on the landing for bedding?

When you’ve pared down your stuff, you might find you’ve got enough of storage already. If you don’t, or you simply want a change, think about what’s right for your room. Built-in storage is flexible and can help create useful space in small rooms, but it can also take up a lot of space unnecessarily if it’s badly designed.

A bedroom designer can really help if you can afford one, but if you can’t, check out design magazines and websites for inspiration. Look for pictures of rooms that are similar in size and shape to yours and see what works. You might just find that a standard free-standing wardrobe meets your needs perfectly.

Also make sure you have somewhere to store clothes that you’ve worn but aren’t yet ready for the wash. Most of us tend to dump these on a chair or the floor, but this always ends up looking cluttered. A few hooks on the back of the door or the side of a wardrobe can work well, as can a free-standing valet stand.

The things you love

The perfect bedroom reflects who you are and what you love to do. Indulge yourself a little. If you want a huge TV on the wall, have one. If you’d like a wall of personal photos and trinkets, stick them up. If you want completely minimal, go for it.

Your bedroom is your space (even if you have to share it with a partner). Guests never need to see it. So fill it with things that make you smile…just because you can.

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