The timeless appeal of leather furniture

I’m always looking for new ways to revamp our living room, but there’s something about the timeless appeal of leather furniture that keeps me coming back to these tried-and-tested pieces. Whatever your interior design style – be it minimal or ‘more is more’ – a leather sofa or armchair will lend a stately appearance to your living space. And even though traditional pieces have a timeless air, there’s nothing stopping you from investing in a more contemporary mid-century shape if that’s more your vibe.

Here are some reasons why I love the classic luxury of leather furniture:


If, like me, you’ve constantly got kids diving on your sofa, you need something durable that’s going to last a lifetime. Unlike fabric, leather furniture can simply be wiped clean (with the right gentle cleaning products and methods) and I find that small spills and stains only add to the loved and lived-in patina of a comfy leather sofa. Many sofas and leather armchairs actually have a lifetime guarantee, meaning they will legitimately survive whatever life throws at them! I found this great guide and video on the Furniture Clinic’s website detailing how to care for and clean your leather furniture; it’s well worth a read if you have children or pets in your life.


Is there anything quite as elegant in a lounge or living space then a stately leather sofa? I associate beautiful button-backed Chesterfields with times gone by, when people still dressed up for dinner and things were slightly more dignified. If your space or budget doesn’t stretch to something quite as statement-making, luxe leather armchairs are a good compromise. Whether you choose a cosy snuggler built for two or prefer something clean-lined and modern, these luxurious leather styles are sure to revamp a quiet corner and add instant taste to your space.


Those sensitive to allergies make a savvy move when investing in leather. Unlike fabric sofas, leather styles don’t harbour pet hair, dust mites and other pesky allergens sure to tickle the nose. If you’re worried about your leather sofa feeling cold to the touch, why not invest in some cosy throws or blankets to snuggle up in? I love these supersoft throws from M&S, available in a range of chic colours.

They Only Get Better With Age

There’s no denying that the more loved and worn-in a leather sofa is, the cosier it becomes. I love how the leather wears to reveal a faded hue or develops a sort of finely cracked patina
in some places – to me, this only adds to its appeal. If you’re a stickler for perfectionism, this quality might put you off, in which case investing in an alternative leather design may be for
you. A leather pouffe is a chic compromise – although this too may fade or fray with age, it’s far less of an investment than a sofa or armchair and still adds a classic touch to your living

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