How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Gift

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year but searching for the perfect present for a loved one can be stressful. Perhaps you don’t share the same interests as them, so you are not knowledgeable in the latest gadgets or trends they might be into, or maybe your tastes differ wildly, and so you don’t know how much is a good price for what they would want. Here are a few top tips to bear in mind this holiday season when you are looking for a great gift that will put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Shop Around

According to BigCommerce, in 2018 nearly half of all online sales were through Amazon. With Amazon’s share price skyrocketing in 2020, it is safe to say that trend has continued. However, Amazon may not always offer the best price. It is worth shopping around and looking at independent retailers or retailers who are looking to sell off stock. These are excellent ways to find higher quality items and perhaps at a cheaper price too. Look for online retailers that are willing to price match but have better guarantees or returns policies for peace-of-mind. One of Amazon’s biggest advantages is its prime membership which offers free delivery. So if you are shopping around, make sure to factor delivery costs into the gift budget. 

Read Professional Reviews

Evidence suggests eight out of ten of us have read a fake review in the last year. Fake reviews are becoming more prolific and harder to spot. If you fail to spot that a review is fake you may end up with a substandard product that does not live up to its cost. If you have a product in mind look at trusted review sites such as Last Verdict to get an expert opinion on its performance and quality. Taking time to do your research will ensure you give a gift that is of good value and won’t be discarded by the recipient. 

Pick For Them Not For You

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It is easy to get attracted to the items you love the most. If you love bling and big bold statement pieces that are brilliant, but if your friend is more understated, don’t just get something you think would look excellent on them. Consider if your friend would wear or use the item you have given them. You may wish they were bolder or braver in their fashion choices, but Christmas is a time to indulge them, not to change them. Picking for a friend with similar tastes is easy, but picking for someone else can be difficult. Don’t be afraid to ask others around you for advice and tips. Someone might know your loved one’s preference for a particular product after a random conversation. Asking for help doesn’t mean you don’t know them well enough. It means you are willing to go the extra mile to find the perfect selection that they will love. 

Finally, remember that Christmas isn’t all about the gift. One of the biggest things you can give to any loved one is quality time, so arrange a time to exchange gifts that leaves space for a proper catch up as well. 

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