Why I Love Wallpaper – And You Should Too!

This is a collaborative post with I Love Wallpaper

When it comes to giving our walls a new look, our first instinct may be to just go out and buy some paint – but wait! We really shouldn’t rule out the idea of wallpaper when it comes to transforming our home. Yes, paint may be relatively cheap and easy to apply, but so too is wallpaper in many cases. And there are so many extra advantages to adding wallpaper which we’ll look at further below.

Be warned though, with lots of exciting designs to choose from, you may be spoilt for choice. But the good news is you don’t need any special skills if you haven’t wallpapered before – modern wallpaper is extremely easy and fun to apply!

Hessian Wall Arches Mural – I Love Wallpaper

The Many Benefits of Wallpaper

Did you know that wallpaper is very durable and can stand up well to wear and tear, better than paint in fact? Whereas you may need to repaint a room every 3 – 5 years, wallpaper can last over ten years! It is easy to clean (usually a dust over or vacuum is sufficient) and therefore ideal for high traffic areas in the home, especially if you go for a hard-wearing vinyl or washable option.

Many homes do not have perfect walls, so wallpaper is a great way to hide imperfections and irregular features.

Wallpaper also adds personality, colour, pattern, depth and texture. It can be as subtle or dramatic as you like – it doesn’t have to make a huge statement, but can provide impact where needed.  Use it to add a layer of texture and cosiness or glamour; even in neutral rooms, gold, beige and cream wallpaper can add an extra dimension of sophistication. It’s a great way to tap into a trend (see the very cool and current terracotta arch design above, for example) and enhance a theme within a room, when co-ordinated with cushions, bedding etc.

When you look at some of the advantages of using wallpaper, it’s the obvious choice to add visual interest over flat, uninspiring walls any day!

The Latest Wallpaper Trends

Line Art

One of the hottest interior design trends around currently is Line Art. This style has been gaining popularity in a variety ways recently – abstract drawings and simple, beautiful line art portraits can be found on posters and other decorative accessories such as vases, giving the home a contemporary and clean minimal look.

It’s a style that has evolved into wallpaper design now too, with I Love Wallpaper featuring some stunning examples.

People are naturally drawn to captivating faces, so this Pablo wallpaper would make a wonderful and interesting backdrop to any room.

Meanwhile I think the elegant Figures wallpaper design is perfect for a dressing room, vanity area or ensuite bathroom:

Although faces and figures are extremely popular, there are some great alternatives – for example this delightful At the Zoo wallpaper. Perfect for a nursery or child’s bedroom.


The botanical look has been a firm favourite for a while in home interiors now, so if you want a trend that provides the wow factor combined with longevity, it’s ideal and a great way to add bold expression to a room. For a fresh take on the trend, you could opt for the latest line drawing style, for example with this gorgeous Monstera design:

Or how about jumping on the boho look with a stunning boho botanical mural:

Floral Murals

Floral murals are a perfect way to bring in a romantic element to a space and they can look equally beautiful in a bedroom behind the headboard, in a dining room as a feature wall or the living room as an accent to make your sofa stand out. As you can see, the wallpaper becomes artwork in itself with these amazing splashes of colour. Just stunning!

Wood Panels

If you enjoy a regular interiors scroll on Instagram, you can’t have failed to notice the incredibly popular trend for wall panels. Many interior accounts have been getting busy adding MDF batons to their walls to create a 3D panelled effect, but you can steal this style and replicate it even more easily (and with less damage) using some clever contemporary wood panel wallpaper in a range of colours. Modern wallpaper printing is so good that it’s actually hard to tell the difference between actual panels and wallpaper! Quicker to put up and easier to remove, it’s also a great option for renters who aren’t allowed to make more permanent room changes. You can choose from a range of panel styles too, from contemporary to antique, as well as more intricate chevron or hexagon designs!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little delve into wallpaper design and perhaps it has opened your eyes to a new option?

I am really looking forward to partnering with I Love Wallpaper again soon on a makeover project using some of their gorgeous wallpaper, so watch this space for a mini wallpapering tutorial and reveal! In the meantime, check out their sustainably manufactured wallpaper collection and see for yourself how versatile the designs can be – and don’t forget they have a delicious array of co-ordinating paint colours to choose from too.

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