4 Factors to Help You Choose the Right Dog Food

With so many options to choose from, making the right decision when it comes to what you feed your dog isn’t always easy. Dogs have their own set of nutritional requirements and this can vary depending on a number of different factors like their age, breed, energy level, gender, activities that they do, health requirements, and more. The right diet can have a really positive effect on your dog, leading to better behaviour, improved health, better weight, more energy, increased competitive performance, and better training results. So, getting the choice right is crucial. Here are some factors to take into consideration when deciding what to feed your dog.

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Your Vet’s Advice:

If you are really unsure about what to feed your dog, your vet can be an excellent source of advice. They will be able to figure out if your dog has any special health requirements, and if they are allergic to any certain types of food, in order to make it easier for you to narrow your choices down and decide which food will be the best option for your dog. Remember that many vets work closely with pet food companies, so you don’t always have to go for the brand of food that your vet recommends because they sell it at the surgery. But you should definitely take their advice on board.

Your Dog’s Breed:

The breed of your dog will play a huge part in determining what they eat and how much. Keep your dog’s breed characteristics in mind when choosing food. For example, if they are a high-energy dog who’s always running around, food with more carbs might be OK for them since they are more likely to burn it off compared to a little lap-dog who spends half the day curled up in bed.

Your Dog’s Age:

Consider how old your dog is and their developmental requirements when choosing food. Generally speaking, a raw food diet is ideal for dogs of all ages as it provides them with all the nutrients that they need. Bella & Duke in Scotland can help you determine what your dog should be eating right now with their handy online tool designed to tailor meals for your dog. Their food comes packed with everything your dog needs and is delivered in handy portions that you can simply freeze and feed to your dog at mealtimes. Check out the Bella & Duke website for more info on giving your dog a raw diet.

Your Budget:

While it shouldn’t be the most important consideration, you also don’t want to make yourself bankrupt feeding your dog. Consider how much you can comfortably spend on a monthly basis on dog food and narrow down your potential choices based on that too. While getting a type of food that is suitable for your dog is the most important factor, you’ll probably find that there are options available at both ends of the price range.

Choosing the right food for your dog can be tricky with so many options to consider. Keep these factors in mind to help you make the right choice.

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