9 Inspiring Deck Ideas: Elevate Your Garden Experience

Imagine spending a spring afternoon in the warm sunshine of your garden. Your deck transforms into an oasis with invitation to breathe deeply and slow down. While we all love time in the garden, 2020 brought into sharp relief the need for a spot to escape and unwind.

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Even if you have a small garden, you can elevate this space with a deck. If you’re planning a new deck, take time to consider all the details — from flashing tape to picture framing your boards — that will make it a beautiful and valuable investment. If you are updating a deck, dream about how to make it the perfect outdoor living spot.

Don’t know where to start? Here are 9 ideas you’ll love:

Create with colour

A deck doesn’t have to be just a slab of boards across your lawn. Get creative with colours and patterns. Think beyond the horizontal and lay out a design with diagonal or intersecting lines (herringbone). Picture framing — concealing the ends of deck boards — adds to a clean and finished look.

With composite decking, you can choose complementary or contrasting board colors. With wood, you might choose different stains or paints to add personality.

Consider adding an inlay as a focal point, perhaps a sunburst or compass. You might also mix materials, adding stone, metal or tile accents. A colourful mosaic pops with an artistic flare.

Add ambiance

Lighting can add magic to any environment. Whether you want something temporary or permanent, you have many options. Along with electric lights, you might also consider solar-powered accents, post caps and lanterns.

Get inspired: Hang colourful, pierced Moroccan-style lanterns or drapes of Edison lights to create a party atmosphere. Choose lighting that hearkens back to the 19th century with glass globes and golden glow to create a classic look. Consider more permanent lighting, that adds both safety and beauty, and be sure to install around stairs and edges.

Go above and beyond

As you create and update, look up. What could you add above your deck to increase its beauty and utility?

Create some lovely shade for reading and napping with a canopy, awning, trellis, pergola, or umbrellas. Depending on your architecture, you may also extend the roof over the deck and add ceiling fans and lighting.

If you have an elevated deck with enough height to create a room beneath, add a drainage system. Using troughs and gutters to catch rain and moisture,  an under-deck drainage system allows you to waterproof beneath your deck. Imagine the many ways you can use this space: a children’s play place, dry storage or for entertaining.

Plan for the big match

Speaking of entertaining, install an outdoor television and never miss another football match. Upgrade your sound system and add some comfortable seating, and your deck will be the place to be. Think of the birthdays and holidays you can celebrate!

Consider a heating element for cooler days, but never place a fire-burning heat source on top of your deck, and follow any local regulations. During warm months, add a fan for comfort.

Dine al fresco

Whether you want to add a little cart for easy access to your indoor kitchen or install a full outdoor kitchen, dining al fresco is always a treat. For small additions, you can DIY a food prep area. For more extensive renovations, such as installing outdoor appliances, consult a professional.

Remember to plan for seating — a high-top table for an intimate gathering or a long table for big get-togethers. Make it comfortable, so you can enjoy lounging around the table while nibbling on your favorite savory or sweet treats.

Take a rest

Your deck can transform into a mini-spa with the right elements. Go big with a hot tub or simpler with lighted candles, a water feature and soothing music on the sound system. Add some zero-gravity seating, a bed-sized swing or a hammock. Kick back and relax.

Go minimalist

If you have a beautiful view, don’t clutter your environment. Create a seamless look with sleek metal or glass railings. Choose minimalist seating and décor.  Give yourself room to breathe and take in the natural beauty around you.

Extend your garden by adding green to your deck. Select plants that work well in a pot or plan for shrubs that will frame up your outdoor living space. Buy pot-friendly climbers such as honeysuckle, which add fragrance and beauty. A trendy touch: Succulents offer a low-maintenance touch of green with shapes and textures pleasing to the eye.

Furnish with flair

While you’re planning railing colors or deck stains, don’t forget the furnishings and accessories. Buy an outdoor rug to help define your space. Choose furnishings to complement your aesthetic, whether you want loungers or bar stools. If you’re handy, you might even make some furnishings, such as pallet furniture.

 Make it your own

Your deck doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s. Have fun designing according to your style and geography. If you’re in a city, go for modern touches such sleek metal railings. If you’re near the shore, add elements of turquoise and coral.

 If you’re considering a new deck, begin planning now. In 2020, we saw a spike in home improvements, especially outdoors. Get inspired and build something lovely that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

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