Homes Are Meant To Be Lived In

I’m sure we’ve all known one family with a living room, or family room, that no one was actually allowed to be in. It’s like they designed those rooms so that they would remain untouched and unaltered, in the event that unexpected company might show up and there would be a perfect place in the house to shuffle them into.

Nowadays, most families consist of working parents and all those extracurricular activities of the family certainly haven’t decreased over the last decade. We just keep getting busier and our homes are starting to reflect that busy  nature in the way we design them and the way we live in them.

Gone are the days of women spending every waking hour cleaning the home and men arriving back to home to home-cooked meals and freshly pressed shirts. In all the hustle and bustle we’re lucky to get a hot, home-cooked meal at the end of the day and takeaways often save the day.

But throughout all the chaos of life, one thing has emerged in home decor and design that is really great: we are living in our homes. We aren’t building them as showpieces and actually want to come home and curl up on the couch with the family and watch a great movie. We don’t want to spend all of our waking hours cleaning and stressing about the mess. We’ve evolved in that aspect of life for the better.

Of course, we are still taking care of our homes, but we are being more open and honest about what life looks like as workers and parents with a to-do list that never ends. We come up with clever ways to mask the mess, and we tap into life hacks to help ourselves be more organised. We read articles about how to stay ahead of the game and we do things like buy scented products to make the home smell nice and clean. If you happen to be weary of chemicals to enhance your home’s scent, you can try using essential oils or natural oils, like those mentioned in this review, to help your home smell good. (Remember when we had those bowls of potpourri – now we can try something a little less obvious to freshen the home!)

So while we and our children may be busier than ever, we know that coming home is like never before. It’s our hideaway, our sanctuary. It’s not the place where the work necessarily needs to continue. It’s not the place that needs to be show-ready 24 hours a day! It is the place where the dishes can stay dirty for more than 10 minutes after a meal and it’s the place where it is okay to kick your foot up on the sofa and relax. No one is judging us in our own homes. We get to live in them, whatever way we see fit.

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