3 Of The Most Common Renovation Problems And How To Fix Them

Renovating is a stressful process. An exciting one – but stressful nonetheless. There are so many things to think about. Will you have enough money to finish the project? Will you still be able to live in your home while renovating, or will you have to live somewhere else? How long will the project go on for?

There are so many things that can go wrong when renovating. Unfortunately, all these mistakes push the timescale of your renovation back – until it looks like you’ll be renovating forever.

That’s why it’s so essential to check out common problems before you begin renovating. It’s also great to check out uncommon and hidden problems you might face. Luckily for you, we already have a post about these pesky secret problems.

But for today, let’s get into common problems you’ll face when renovating.

Under ordering materials

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 One problem that often reoccurs for people when renovating is a lack of materials. If you are renovating, you’ve (hopefully!) made a very detailed plan and budget. In this, you’ve likely sketched out how much of each material you need.

The danger is, when intricately planning like this, that you’ll underorder. Though you may have specifically worked out, say, how many bricks you’ll need, there are always a few accidents or issues that mean you require extra.

 If you under order, you won’t have these extras to fill in the spaces of the missing bricks. Make sure you order some extras when you get your materials. The buffer should avoid this common mistake. 


 You wouldn’t think skips would be that much of a problem. You hire one, you put your rubbish in it, and it gets taken away. Where’s the problem with that?

 Well, in truth, skips can cause a fair bit of difficulty.

 If you live in a city, skips need a permit. Did you know that? They need a permit to ensure they are placed safely. It’s also useful for the council, as, by giving permits, they can control how many skips are on the road simultaneously.

 These skip permits can be a little difficult to sort out. That’s why it’s recommended that when hiring a skip in a city, use a business which can help with the appropriate permits you may need.

 Skips don’t have to cause you problems. But, by outsourcing some help from a skip business, you know the job will get done.

 Picking the cheapest workers

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Though you may do a lot of the home renovation yourself, there is usually at least a few jobs you source outside help for.

You may want cheap labour to keep your renovations within budget. However, choosing the cheapest workers you can find is a mistake. Yes, they may be low cost, but they also may be of poor quality due to their cheapness.

Having a bad job done will only increase your costs, as you then have to repair their bad work. So instead pay that bit extra for workers who will deliver excellent work the first time.

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