How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Cosy And Warm

Does your bedroom feel suffocating?  Perhaps, it’s not as cosy and warm as you intended it to be. Note that the bedroom should be a place of comfort and warmth, regardless of the time of year. Continue reading the rest of this article to know four ways to help make your bedroom the comfiest place in the entire house.

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Renovate The Room

Maybe, it’s time for a much-needed bedroom makeover. That feeling of suffocation may stem from the room’s current design. Fortunately, you can make your bedroom feel cosier and warmer than before with the help of some do-it-yourself projects.

One example is to reduce the size of the window sill. Some homeowners may like large window sills as these can double as shelves for plants (among other things). But, the extra space captured by the sill may not be ideal for small bedrooms.

Instead, consider reducing the size of the window sill. Make sure to measure the new sill before installing it. Committing errors during the installation can prove to be costly. You can use online measuring calculators, like the one from The Skirting Board Shop, to ensure that you won’t be making any window sill replacement mishaps.

Other DIY bedroom renovation ideas to consider include:

  • Removing junk from the room
  • Updating the windows
  • Adding natural elements, like plants

Pick The Best Place For Your Bed

Many homeowners don’t place importance on bed placements. But, bed location actually plays a vital role in achieving cosy and warm sensations inside the room.

Start by thinking what’s beyond the bedroom. It may sound counter-intuitive, but you need to consider the layout of your home first. For example, ensure that you’re not sleeping above an oven. Otherwise, you might feel hot instead of cosy and warm, particularly if someone’s cooking in the kitchen.

Next, avoid the bedroom door. It can be challenging to go in and out of the bedroom if your bed is blocking the door. This setting leads to annoyance and frustration, making it difficult for you to achieve that comfy feeling you desire.

Also, consider replacing your bed with an appropriately sized one. If the bed is too big, then, you won’t get enough walking space in the room. Conversely, if the bed is too small, then, you may not enjoy a good night’s sleep. Pick a bed size that’s appropriate for the room’s size, as well as your body structure.

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Sweet dreams. African-american woman sleeping and hugging blanket

Make Your Bed

A cluttered bedroom won’t be able to produce cosy and warm feelings that you desire. Note that organising your bedroom may start with the bed. Make it a habit to make the bed as soon as you wake up.

You can start with the mattress cover — safeguard your mattress with a mattress protector. This can help prevent spills, stains, and damages from wear and tear. Note that you don’t have to apply the protector every day; once every two months should suffice.

Furthermore, don’t forget about the bedsheet. When laying the bed sheet, start with the top layer. Lay the sheet across the bed. Remember to place the fabric face-down, which means the dull side should be facing up.

Then, create hospital corners. Note that it doesn’t mean that you’re going to turn your bed into a hospital bed. Instead, you just need to fold and insert the sheet into the corners to ensure a tight fit. In turn, you won’t have to bother about loose-fitting sheets, which might otherwise cause discomfort as you try to rest.

Use Warm Colours

Add warm colours to the room to help make you feel that extra warmth, especially during winter.

You don’t have to apply a new coat of paint to the entire room. Instead, you can add different pieces of décor for the space to radiate feelings of comfort and warmth.

For example, add touches of yellow near windows as this particular hue symbolise sunshine. Another choice could be brown, which is both neutral and warm. You may accent the room with brown accessories, such as wooden picture frames, to help balance out the room’s warm aesthetics.

Other warm colours to consider are:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Gold


Your bedroom isn’t only a place for you to sleep and recharge before you continue with tomorrow’s tasks. The room should also provide you with blissful, comfortable, and warm slumber every night. You can renovate the bedroom, make your bed, or add warm colours to the area. Follow these guidelines, and you might even enjoy more good dreams as you’d feel so much calmer and collected in your bedroom.

Theodor Andrews

Theodor Andrews is an all-around handyman who helps the general public on teaching them how to maintain or improve their homes. Theodor regularly publishes articles about home improvement that usually includes easy home renovation projects.


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