Preparing To Bring Home A Puppy

Having a new puppy is an exciting time for anyone. It can also bring a little bit of anxiety for both you, your family and your new arrival. This is why it’s important to make careful considerations for the preparation of your new pet. As a new pet owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure the transition and introduction to your home runs smoothly in order to minimise unneeded stress. 

bringing home a puppy
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Before your new puppy or dog arrives, there are some things you need to prepare in order to make sure they’re comfortable and happy in their new home; have a look below for a short guide on how to achieve this: 

Pet Feeding Bowls

The ideal choice for your new arrival is to opt for a  heavy-bottomed ceramic or stainless steel bowl, plastic bowls will probably end up as chew toys which can create a haven for unwanted bacteria that can make your puppy ill as well as risking damage to teeth and gums. Not only this, but it’s also less likely that you or your dog will knock it over.

ID Tag

It’s now the law that all dogs must wear a collar when outdoors with a tag showing their owner’s name and address. It’s also become a requirement to have them chipped with the same details. It’s wise to add your phone number just in case too. You can get ideal tags from any pet shop and chips done at the vets. In fact, dog breeders now have to ensure puppies are microchipped before selling them and the pups mustn’t be under eight weeks old. 

 Toys And A Place To Sleep

Puppies will chew on just about anything and if you don’t want your personal belongings being added to this list it’s important to provide plenty of chew toys. Not only will it help prevent damages they also serve as a natural teething solution and entertainment. Make sure they’re non-toxic, durable and suited to a puppy. As well as a chew, it’s also a good idea to include some other items in the mix such as a tug of war rope or a ball. It will provide good mental stimulation and is a great way for you to bond with your new puppy. As well as providing plenty of entertainment it’s also a good idea to have a look at good dog beds that will provide a quiet sanctuary for your new pet

Grooming Kit

Your puppy or dog requires a grooming kit in order to look after them and enhance the bonding process. Get a decent pet brush and ask your local vet or pet store for advice about other home grooming you’re able to do such as clipping nails and giving them a bath, especially if you are a new dog owner.

Your Dog’s Food 

It’s always advised that you should stick to the same food that your pup has been used to before arriving at yours. It helps to ease them into their new home as it can be a very anxious time for them. Giving them the same food will help them to feel secure and welcome. After that, you are free to decide what food they should be eating. Start by mixing your new food with the old and remember it’s important to provide a balanced diet that suits the age, breed/size of dog and lifestyle. 

This short guide should help you prepare for your new puppies arrival to your home, do you have any other tips that you could share in the comments below? 

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