4 Feature Tiles That Could Look Great In Your Home

Feature tiles seem to be everywhere at the moment. You can barely walk in to a shop, café or restaurant without being greeted by the sight of a highly decorative wall or floor covering. A minimalistic design trend – through the use of plain, bold colours appears to be on its way out and is being replaced by a busier, more detailed and intricate style. Patterned feature tiles are available in an array of colours and styles and below we take a look at four examples which could look great as part of your home layout.

Concrete Style Patterned Floor Feature

This decorative feature certainly provides a stylish contrast to the accompanying floor design. These tiles would look great in a porch or hallway and will impress your guests as they enter your home.

Feature Kitchen Backsplash

Bring your backsplash to life with a feature tile design. This particular design comprises of patterned tiles which are set alongside plain varieties.

Bathroom Wall and Floor Feature

It’s amazing what a feature tile design could do to your bathroom. A white bathroom design could be transformed beyond recognition. These coloured tiles certainly produce a unique appearance.

Geometric Retro Shape Feature

A geometric shape pattern like this could add a retro appeal to your home interior. This design works extremely well as part of contemporary decors.

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