4 Surprisingly Affordable & Effective Ways To Spruce Up Your Exterior

It’s what’s inside that counts. Especially in the current climate. We’re all relying on our homes that little bit more at the moment to help us feel safe and happy. They’re our fortress from the world and all its uncertainties and woes. Not to mention, for many of us, our workplaces for the time being. But while we’ve all been giving a little extra care, love and attention to our interiors over the past few months, we need to remember that what’s outside matters too. 

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Taking the time to spruce up your exterior isn’t just about improving kerb appeal. It’s about improving your enjoyment of your home and (potentially at least) increasing its resale value should you ever decide to move on. It can make coming home much more satisfying and help you to get more pleasure from your outdoor space. It needn’t come at a huge cost, either. Here, we’ll look at some surprisingly affordable and effective ways to spruce up your exterior….  

Revive your front door

Your front door is, in many ways your home’s first impression. It can either say “welcome” or “beware”. But if yours is starting to lose its lustre, you don’t have to replace it to breathe new life into your exterior. A lick of paint, a change in handle or knocker and replacing your numbering can have a transformative effect on your front door without the expense and hassle that come with getting a new one. The colour of your front door can say a lot about you. Make sure yours is saying all the right things!

Resurface your drive

Your driveway takes up a lot of the surface area of your exterior’s ground. And the impression it makes can influence how people perceive your whole exterior. And when it gets cracked, stained or invaded by weeds it can set a misleading precedent for your exterior. But resurfacing your drive is extremely costly, right? Not necessarily! The cost of a resin driveway may be much less than you think. As little as £40 per square meter depending on the kind of aggregate you use and a few other factors. 

Declare war on weeds

This one won’t cost you very much at all. Aside from the cost of weedkiller, the only real cost is diligence. Weeds can grow especially aggressive, even in the autumn and winter months. And the more diligently you remove them today the less of an issue you’ll have come spring. When weeds are poking up from behind your paving stones or between flags it can have a detrimental effect on your whole carefully balanced aesthetic. Crack down on them now and keep them gone until next summer.

Brighten up your outdoor space with plants

Autumn may be well and truly upon us. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the splash of colour and vibrancy to your exterior that only plants can bring. You don’t even need to have a lawn or much soil to speak of. A planter filled with a handful of hardy perennials like anemones, colchiums or helianthus can be a wonderfully welcoming sight that bids you a good day every time you return home!

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