4 Ways To Refresh Your Wall Decor

Wall decor is not only essential in adding the finishing touches to any space, it should appeal to you and reflect your personality! Living, working and recreational spaces should not only represent your stylistic aesthetics but reflect your personal philosophies as well.

coffee sticker wall decalInstead of trying to keep up with trends, ignore current crazes and embrace complete customization instead; from prints to personalised wall decals, adding your personal style to your home has never been easier and here’s 4 easy ways to achieve it!

Vinyl Wall Lettering

Vinyl wall lettering has been traditionally found in storefronts or educational buildings, however with the ease of personalisation these days, it’s place in the home has greatly increased. With the ability to control the size of lettering and customise fonts and colours (plus the added bonus of simple application), lettering provides a terrifically simple design twist. Vinyl lettering in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms is an ideal way of sprucing up awkward or smaller wall spaces and an effective to make your message stick – and can even be used on household items to make them stand out!

Oversized Prints

Prints have withstood the interior design test of time because of their incredible changeability. For a modern and bold way to have your message fill a room go for an oversized print with alternating complimentary fonts. Encouraging prints are a unique tool because they can say as a little or as much as you want. If you have a lot of other ornamentation or patterns in your room you may want a print with more minimal type (and vice versa) to achieve visual balance. With hanging, framing, and prints themselves being innately interchangeable, using prints as decor makes it simple when it comes time to switch things up.

Decorative Wall Decals

Decals aren’t just for laptops anymore. Decorative wall decals combine photography and typography to create surreal motivational masterpieces. Combining your perfect motivational message with an inspiring photograph adds added tranquility to a room (especially if the photograph is one taken by you or a loved one). Photographs of textures also work well to create depth in living spaces as well. Removable wall decals are perfect in rooms for teens and younger children as they’re customisable for their ever changing tastes and add much needed boosts of inspiration for young minds. Multiple wall decals also make for a unique and compelling headboard or back-splash that can be altered seasonally and when you feel your space needs to be refreshed.

Clear Wall Decals

Clear decals are a clear multidimensional design feature when it comes to decorating walls, glass, or mirrors. A clear decal allows for lots of translucent space either between type or patterns. Clear decals on a wall allow for any patterns or colours behind to blend with the design. And on windows clear decals allow for sunlight to pass through creating wonderfully translucent splashes of colour in your space. Able to be adhered anywhere, clear decals can fill your home with colour and inspiration.

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