5 Ways to Instantly Change a Room for the Better

Is your living room lacking that something special or could you do with making your bedroom a little more personal? It’s easy to move into a new home and not do much to it especially in this day and age where it’s difficult to find ten minutes to yourself let alone a weekend to paint the living room or go furniture shopping. Fortunately for you, we have put together a list of 5 ways to instantly change a room for the better without very much time or effort. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Accessorise

Accessories are the way we make our houses our homes by adding our own unique touches throughout. This can be as simple as adding a rug to the hallway or cushions to seating areas. Framed images are always a great way to really make your house your own. Whatever your preference, never underestimate the power of personalisation and the feeling of homeliness it will bring.

2. New Lights

If your home is lacking natural light or just feels a little gloomy upgrading your lights or adding in a few extra lamps around the place can make all the difference. If your home is smaller, added light will make a room feel bigger. For kitchens, strip lighting under cabinets makes a huge difference or for bedrooms add a changeable mood light so you can instantly alter the ambience of the room depending on your mood.

3. Plants

Plants are a superb accessory in any room. Whether you are looking for a subtle small piece for a shelf or a centre piece for your dining room table, plants are a great way to add extra colour to your room. Not only do they look great, adding plants to your room are scientifically proven to improve your mental health and make people feel better, killing two birds with one stone.

4. Radiators

Nowadays radiators are more than a simple means for heating your home. Over the past few decades radiators have become stylish pieces adding substance to a room. Coming in a range of shapes and styles, including vertical and mirrored, it is definitely worth upgrading your heating system, especially if it is tired and dated. I love the designer range from Trade Radiators which have a huge range of unique designer radiators.

5. Gardening

For those with a garden, taking a few hours out of your weekend or evening to spruce it up can make all the difference to not just the garden but also the overall appearance of the exterior of the property. This is particularly important if you are looking to sell your home. Adding colourful plants to the outside will instantly make it seem more appealing.

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