6 Ways to Feature Marble Wallpaper in Your Home

As interior design trends go, the popularity of marble wallpaper shows no sign of fading anytime soon.  It has been around for a little while now, especially white marble teamed with copper or gold accents and it is used frequently as a backdrop by bloggers and instagrammers in their photos. But to remain current with the marble trend, why not consider some of the other, richer marble wallpaper colourways available to you, featuring deep greens, greys and golds? These can work extremely well when teamed with that other strong interior trend for all things natural and botanical.

It’s very easy and budget friendly to introduce some sophistication to your home with marble wallpaper, especially when used in a number of different ways like these:

Create a Focal Feature

Perhaps the most obvious idea is to use marble wallpaper to create a feature wall in one of your rooms.  Instead of choosing an obvious wall, though, e.g. the chimney breast, why not wallpaper the alcoves instead and add some floating metallic shelves? Or take inspiration from this wonderful example where marble wallpaper has been used to stunning effect on a ceiling!

Upcycle Old Furniture

If you have an old chest of drawers, sideboard or similar tired piece of furniture in need of some upcycling magic, why not get busy with glue, scissors and marble wallpaper – this technique is known as decoupage and is both fun and easy to do. By cutting your marble wallpaper to size (e.g. to fit over drawer fronts or cupboard doors) you stick it on and seal with layers of white PVA crafting glue.

Frame it or create Wall Hangings

You could frame and hang pieces of marble wallpaper in your home – this works extremely well when grouped together in a gallery wall. You could opt for the same paper, or a variety of complimentary marbles.  Or how about using large wooden poster holders like these to display oversized pieces of marble wallpaper, like giant decorative wall hangings?

Frames: Durido.etsy.com

Cover Storage & Gift Boxes

Wrapping standard cardboard boxes, file folders and various containers in marble wallpaper is a great crafty exercise and they make lovely, unique gifts too! Your left over scraps of marble wallpaper could even be used to wrap presents or create gift cards.

Unique Stair Risers

Give your stairs the look of luxury on a budget; if your stairs are in need of a make over, consider using marble wallpaper. If you’ve ever been tempted to remove old carpet and go ‘bare’ with wooden stairs, you can paint the tread and wallpaper the risers in between in a stunning marble wallpaper design.

Kitchen Splashback

Marble looks beautiful in a kitchen but installing new marble worktops can be expensive – instead why not create a wonderful marble splashback behind your cooker or sink. Wallpaper the wall with marble paper and cover it with a panel of easy to clean acrylic that can be cut to size and will protect the paper from grease and stains. The marble backdrop creates a wonderful, exclusive looking feature and can be used to similar effect if you have glass fronted kitchen cupboards or open shelves when you paper inside or behind with marble wallpaper.

I hope this has given you some ideas about how to use marble wallpaper creatively in your home!

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