Bathroom underfloor heating in the UK

5 Reasons to Choose Underfloor Heating for Your Bathroom

Underfloor heating is a popular choice for a bathroom. When you crawl out of bed first thing in the morning, bleary-eyed and still half asleep, the last thing you want is a rude awakening from a freezing cold bathroom floor. Underfloor heating transforms even the chilliest of bathrooms into a warm oasis. It isn’t the cheapest way to heat a bathroom, but it’s the most effective – and here’s why.

Bathroom underfloor heating in the UK

1. Superior Comfort

Superior comfort is the main selling point of underfloor heating. Bathrooms can often be cold rooms, especially when the bathroom has been retro-added on at the back of an old house. Whilst travertine tiles on the floor and metro tiles on the wall look nice and are easy to keep clean, a tiled floor won’t feel warm underfoot like carpet, so stepping out of a hot shower can feel unpleasant at best. A warm floor is far more welcoming, especially on a cold winter’s morning.

2. Even Heat Distribution

Radiators tend to heat one side of the room and because heat rises, it feels colder at floor level. Underfloor heating distributes heat more consistently, removing any cold spots in a larger bathroom. You can still install a heated towel rail, but it needn’t be the main source of heat in the room.

3. Hidden Heat

Radiators take up space, which can be a problem in a small bathroom or en-suite. With a radiator hung on one wall, that area is effectively wasted space. Underfloor heating mats are hidden, out of sight and out of mind. Once installed, you can tile the floor and forget about it. Unlike a radiator, underfloor heating won’t spoil your beautiful décor.

Benefits of underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating Mat Kit from Tons of Tiles

4. A Selling Point

When it comes to selling up and moving on, underfloor heating in a modern bathroom is a major selling point. Modern buyers love anything luxurious, so you could achieve a higher buying price and quicker sale with the addition of underfloor heating. The cost of installing a water-based underfloor heating system can be high, but the installation will pay for itself when you decide to sell.

5. More Economical

There are two types of underfloor heating: wet and dry. Electric underfloor heating mats cost more to run, but if you install a water-based underfloor heating system, water circulates at a lower temperature than a traditional radiator, so your heating bills will be lower. There is also less heat wastage as heat is retained in the floor for longer, so the heating doesn’t need to be on as long, even if you open the window.

All bathrooms need some form of heating, but adding a new radiator or designer towel rail is less invasive than installing underfloor heating, so you do need to make a decision before you lay the floor.

Consult a heating engineer to check whether a water-based underfloor heating system is compatible with your boiler. Bear in mind also that installation can be tricky in older properties and wet systems are not a DIY project.

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